Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

As most of my followers already know... on the eve of my trial AUSA Elizabeth (Liz the Liar) Geddes and Special Agent Scott (the Seducer) Curtis, knowing they have no real evidence to bring me to trial, decided that they needed to manufacture more evidence, or be laughed out of the courthouse forever. So in one last desperate attempt to frame me they offered another stool pigeon his freedom.

This danger to society became a model citizen at his utterance of that magic incantation, "Tommy Gioeli did it." He was granted his freedom that very day. Hell, he was granted his freedom within hours of reciting those words. Armed with their new loathsome rat, Liz (the Liar) and Scott (the Seducer) proceeded to manipulate the grand jury, judges, witnesses, and the laws of our country in their quest of hate and revenge aimed at me. Now they own this new rat Reynolds Maragni with their total control over his freedom. They have him leading a chorus of imbeciles in New York and Florida alike with the help of a contrived grand jury investigation, a bogus grand jury subpoena, and the diabolical charm of Reynolds himself. This pied piper was able to trick, coerce, and bully people into saying what he wanted them to say. Most of them were so high on prescription tranquillizers and booze that they would have said FBI Agent Scott (the Seducer) is a good guy; I think he did get them to say that on tape. What a joke! This is their final proof against me? Just how desperate are they? Just how weak is their case? I'll answer those questions myself. They and their case are both pitiful.

Then Liz (the Liar) saunters into court and the judge challenges her about this new evidence and why they are still introducing evidence at this late a date. She lives up to her name and lies! She boldly told the judge on the record, in open court, that the evidence just popped up during the course of another investigation. Herself and Scott (the Seducer) spent many hours orchestrating this fantasy and she has the audacity to declare that, "it just popped up." Amazing! Scott (the Seducer) clearly asked a witness what he knows about Tommy Gioeli. Then, Reynolds (Shrink Wrap) Maragni, who is a government agent, interjects the name Tommy Gioeli into numerous conversations that I have nothing to do with. For this deceitful duo to trick the court into thinking that they just stumbled upon this evidence is deplorable on their part. This fabricated evidence is a tape that was created and scripted by them to enhance their extremely weak case against me. Their actions are outrageous and intolerable. They flagrantly destroy and eradicate our constitutional protections. They should be arrested, prosecuted, and made an example of. They are the symbol of tyranny that is so prevalent in our justice system today.

In closing, I would just like to say that no matter how many prayers you say to your god Lucifer, no matter how many citizens you threaten, no matter how many murderers, rape-os, and junkies you teach to say my name (by giving them their freedom from jail) Liz (the Liar) Geddes, you will never convict me because I didn't do it, I wasn't there, and I didn't know about it, ANY OF IT!! I AM INNOCENT!!!

Save America Vote A Lawyer Out Of Office!

Stronger today than yesterday,

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