Monday, January 16, 2012

Agent Scott the Seducer

Andrea Calabro is the Heda Nussbaum of team America. When she was in her teens, her father was trying to sexually violate her. He was trying to have his wife (Andrea's mother, Sharon) arrange this incest. This moraless dope addict was so persistent that Sharon left him and went to live with relatives in South Africa. This left Andrea in a tough spot with her father still looking to rape her. She took a risk to get away from him for good and laid with her boyfriend Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro, got pregnant, and trapped him into marrying her. She was ecstatic; he was miserable. He was living large, had another girl pregnant, and had more girls on the side. The last thing he wanted to be was married. She needed to be a mommy with the man that she loved, and away from the lecher (her father) immediately. Two opposing mind sets. The resentment and the beatings from Calabro started at once. He even threw her down the stairs while she was pregnant carrying his first child. She became the target of all of his fury.

She ran home to her mother and father for a while but her father's touching and drunken pursuits soon chased her back into the arms of the animal Calabro. She was caught between two beasts. As time went on the beatings got less. Hemorrhoids was releasing his rage on his friends and enemies alike by murdering them. Her father would still try and grab a piece every time he was drunk or stoned. She would hide from him at family weddings and parties, or stand near the older women for protection. She couldn't let Hemorrhoids know of her father's behavior because it would mean certain death for him.

Life started to settle into a comfortable lifestyle for her. She "raised" her children. She put up with the maniac's moods, washing some murder scene blood off his clothing every once in a while and spending the millions of dollars that he gave her. Yeah, life was getting good for her, or at least better than it had been. Then came June 2008. The front door of her house came crashing down. F.B.I. agents were running through all of the rooms. They secured her husband with guns and handcuffs. They removed him to another area of the house. Although there are many women FBI agents, male agents made her rise from her bed more nude than clothed. She was terrified. She was ashamed. She was excited! One of the agents wouldn't avert his eyes and stared at her nakedness lustfully. Later she asked the women that she told her story to not to let her husband know that the leering agent had seen her nude. That was the night she met the next Tyrant in her life. She had seen him before when he had surveilled her and her husband. He even came to the house once trying to get Hemorrhoids to join team America way back when. But the night of the raid she felt him, she felt the power that came with his badge and gun. He had taken the monster she loved, the monster who controlled her every thought, the most powerful demigod in her world and dragged him out like a whining school girl.

The new most powerful man in Andrea Calabro's life was, you guessed it, FBI Agent in charge, Scott (the Seducer) Curtis. He had three objectives that night. One, was the arrest of Hemorrhoids Calabro. The next was the seduction of Andrea, and the third was to frame me. The first was accomplished, the second had begun, and the third was dependent on the first two. This master of mental manipulation used all of the techniques he learned at West Point and from the FBI to first cow and then conquer Andrea Calabro. He made up reasons for dropping by her house. He stalked her after court appearances. It got so bad that her lawyer confronted him and asked him to stop on two occasions. The second time Agent Curtis so thoroughly intimidated the lawyer that the lawyer (to no avail) filed a formal complaint to AUSA Liz (the Liar) Geddes about this improper contact. The stalking continued. It was easy for Scott (the Seducer) to get into her psyche and then into her pants. Finally, he brought her into his conspiracy to frame me. He convinced her to steal family pictures and phone books from my home under the guise that she had taken them mistakenly. Will his criminal behavior and abuse of power ever be stopped? When will public servants answer to the public?

The FBI and AUSA Liz (the Liar) Geddes have tried to stop me from writing about this subject. The only thing that could have stopped me is my consideration for the Calabro children. Since it was their cries for help that first brought this seduction to my attention, this post will help rather than hurt them.

From the evidence I've gathered about this matter, I'm sure that Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro knows about the behavior between his wife and Agent Curtis and condones anything that would help him get out of jail sooner. The power of an FBI agent is immense; the power of a corrupt agent is obscene!


Stronger today than yesterday,

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