Thursday, May 5, 2011

No "Real" Evidence...just He Said/She Said

Today’s post will discuss the way the government wants to fight the case against me using testimonies of criminal witnesses. They are going to attack me with slander and innuendo; no facts, no real evidence. AUSA Elizabeth Geddes continues her unprofessional, unscrupulous behavior.

At our last court appearance she jumped into the well from the viewing area; unannounced in the middle of the proceedings. It's not like she showed up late (which sometimes is unavoidable). She was sitting in the viewing area as a spectator, and AUSA Gatta was in midsentence when she rushed the well blurting answers. It was very improper and very rude to AUSA Gatta and the court in general.

She acts like the mean girl in the schoolyard calling the pretty girl a tramp. She offers no boys’ names, no times or places where the pretty girl did these alleged dirty deeds, just the accusations of her and her friends. She uses this kind of gossip to attack me. The government will try to prove their case against me primarily through the testimony of criminal witnesses; AUSA Geddes’ new friends. The same friends that are free after killing countless people, the same friends who have all their bills paid with taxpayer money, the same friends that continue to commit crimes with impunity. Yes, they are Ms. Geddes’ friends. They are the FBI Agent Scott Curtis' friends. They are the government's friends. They are Team America!

They have no evidence because I am an innocent man; and the rats know it, and the FBI knows it, and the US Attorney’s office knows it. So all of you rats, FBI Agents, and prosecutors, go watch a Godfather marathon, have a Goodfella matinee, go to sleep with The Sopranos, and then go and lock up a few hundred Italian Americans for the crime of knowing each other.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,

Save America: vote a lawyer out of office.

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Teresa said...

Well said... They try to railroad convictions so they can make a name for themselves, not caring about how their lies are ruining many lives.. Hmm.. Wonder how they would like it if it were their own family members being set up and lied about... Wonder if they would even shed a tear those heartless bastards!!! Oh have no fear, the karma fairy will come around.. As for the rats... Well rats are survivors with an annoying existence and no guts.. They are in the big MAZE chasing their federal free ride, until they are not needed anymore... Karma!!