Friday, May 13, 2011

More thoughts...

In today’s post I write to try and explain my feelings:

You see some people whose opinions I respect immensely have told me that my past few blogs have been too angry. Of course they are right so I've explained to them and I will now explain to you why I am angry. First, when my father passed and I was not allowed to participate in his farewell mass or comfort my mother, brothers, and children. I was very disappointed and hurt. But the rules are meant to be obeyed and that was that. I mourned by myself. Then I came to learn that 2 and 3 day furloughs (temporary releases from prison) are a common occurrence when someone loses an immediate family member. Even a few hours pass or emergency bail is not out of the question for a son, brother, husband to pay their final respects. So I get a little angry that I was not afforded any of these considerations.
Then I find out that Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro was at home visiting with his family, after admitting to the very same crimes that I am charged with, but innocent of. I was raised to believe, and still do believe, that it is a very commendable action to take full responsibility for one’s own behavior… when you make a mistake in life, or commit a crime, or just show bad judgment in anything. You should go forward and say, “Mom, Dad, I did it...”/“Teacher, It's my fault....”/ “Neighbor, I hit your car...” or, “Your Honor, I did the crime”… no matter how grave. When you admit your action it should be applauded and rewarded. It's the right thing, the American way. But when you take your crimes and put them on an innocent man, when you take your dirty deeds and make someone else own it because he's the primary target of the FBI and you go free; that is evil, pure and simple. Evil on the part of the rat, evil on the part of the FBI, and evil on the part of the US Attorney's office. So, as I sit here in my cell for 3 years, not having been convicted of anything, still mourning my father, and I think of the injustices of the American justice system, I get angry. When I think of the way that my government singles out Italian Americans to prosecute, I get angrier. When I think about the way the government singles me out to persecute, I get very angry. And when I think about the real killers back on the street, I get very, very angry. Then I write and my anger melts away.
Stronger Today than Yesterday,
Save America: vote a lawyer out of office.


JGurrieri said...

Mr. Gioeli,
I feel what your going threw. I been behind you from day one! The way your being treated is inhuman, nobody deserves this treatment. They slander your name in the papers daily. Now that Vinny's trail is coming to a end, your going to be the focus of these scum bags. Up on the chopping block! the stories that are being leaked threw the courts to the media are not right. How can they not taint your "fair" trail? The somewhat personal grudge match you have going against the D.A's office. You know you can't win. The goal theyre reaching for is to put you on death row. I hope someone sees the injustice that's going on here and puts a stop to it! Good luck cugino! Stay strong my friend!

mickiemo98 said...

Your "anger" is very well understood. You should be angry, you have just cause. But continue to be strong. Let your feelings out, no one can argue how you feel & what you think. If you let them take away your thoughts, it is only then that they will win!!