Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unring the Bell...

Last week I called home and found out that I was on the cover of the New York Daily News. It displayed the headline "I'm Going To Hell". What a disgrace! My saintly, elderly mother who just buried my father, my poor wife, my precious children, my priest, the rest of my family, friends and the people I just know. All of these prospective jurors would think that I am an animal, not worthy of my next meal. I know that this is an outright lie. AUSA Geddes knows that this is an outright lie, as does FBI Agent Scott Curtis and Robert Schellhorn. It's their own evidence that proves my innocence. There are FBI documents made by the FBI as they interviewed Shitty Sally Miciotta in the early nineties who admitted he was one of the shooters. He named many names of who were there and none were mine because again I am innocent. AUSA Geddes and FBI Agent Scott Curtis don't care now that my innocence is out because they won't be allowed to use these allegations at trial as a charged crime. Their damage to me is already done. They made national headlines. They tainted the jury. That was their plan from the beginning. That's why they never charged me with that crime. Their diabolical scheme is accomplished. Geddes, her staff, Curtis, his squad and Dino Hemorrhoids Calabro should be charged with their conspiracy to take a life. They're trying to take my life with all of their lies. Now that I am so gravely tarnished by the lies that my accusers know are untrue that it's going to be impossible to get a fair trial. How, I ask you, your Honor, do you unring that bell? There is an article from 1999 written by William Bastone. It cites the FBI evidence that exonerates me. I wish that I had a press agent like the government instead of just a blog, but I will fight with any tools that I have. I am fighting for my life. I am fighting the biggest bully in the world. I am fighting my own beloved America. Help me to win her back from the evil minions that control her. So vote, serve on a jury and most of all think, the constitution is made for all.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,


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