Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Osama Bin Laden

Today's post is about Osama Bin Laden.
As the whole world knows he was killed by an American Navy Seal Team in the heart of Pakistan about two hours outside the capital. He was shot in the head and his body was buried at sea as in keeping with the Muslim faith of burial within 24 hours. Why would our government kill this wealth of information before he could be debriefed? Why would they destroy the corpse before it was viewed by some international group to lend credibility to our claim that he is in fact dead? Why would they somehow not let American citizens verify his death except for the word of our government that lies to us continually? As a brilliant young female poet once said: "It is hard to rejoice when men take the lives of other men". But he was truly evil and being that we decided to kill and not capture him for the wealth of information that he had, then we should have impaled his body on the peak of the new Freedom Tower as a warning to people like him. Not the press, not any government or intelligence agency should pat themselves on the back over his death. After 10 years and 1 trillion dollars no one gets congratulations except those heroes, the brave Navy Seals who went in and finally got the job done. So while you ponder those thoughts I'll give you two quick scenarios. 1) At the US's expense he's had 4 inches of shinbone from each leg removed and is living with his family in Saudi Arabia. He is of normal height and attracts no attention to himself. This accommodation was made to appease the Saudi Royal Family who put pressure on big oil and the Bush family to have this favour granted. From all reports Osama Bin Laden is very, very happy and the Bush family and big oil are making obscene profits from their share of black gold. 2) Osama Bin Laden is living in Hoboken, New Jersey after the FBI Organized Crime Unit discovered that he had intimate knowledge of an Italian American sports betting ring. They gave him complete immunity from his crimes, a large bank roll and a new identity for his future testimony against the betting ring. Reports state that he is somehow 4 inches shorter and attracts no attention to himself. Osama Bin Laden is very, very happy. So for the last time I say where is Bin Laden? Or is it more appropriate to say where is Bin Laden's body? We can never be sure of the answer to either question.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,


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michelec628 said...

great question is where is the 25 million bounty that was on him????? it definetly did not go to anyone of his family members or muslims....they would never give eachother up and many muslims have lets look at our kind the wonderful almost positive there are very few cooperating witnesses in the muslim faith...if bin ladens name was bino ladeno his own brother would of cooperated for a fraction of that bounty, maybe even a few hundred how pathetic is it that we have our kind testifying against eachother and creating lies to save themselves......give it another 20 years and there will be no so called crime families that are linked to will be ali baba and the 4 know why because the terrorists dont give eachother up and they are the real murderers.....are any terrorists up for the death penalty...doubt know why because there boss would never testify against a peacful God fearing women and feel justice should be served to anyone who has comitted certain crimes...HOWEVER WE HAVE NO JUSTICE HERE....COOPERATING WITNESSES WHO HAVE LIED, CHEATED, KILLED., ETC THERE WORD IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE JURY.... on our currency it says in God we trust along with many courtrooms, that is a very true statement because He is the only one we can trust..obviously we cannot trust our goverment and definetly not their informants...I DONT GET IT.....and one more thing...our country allegedly gave bin laden a burial at sea due to his muslim faith.....are they kidding me every american that was killed on 9-11 that was perished was not able to be buried respectfully by their family...but our president felt the need to do that.....they should of shot him in the leg and not killed him so fast after what he allegedly did to this country he should of been feed pork on a daily basis until death....i dont believe he is sad is it that the goverment would not let you pay your last respects to your father but the goverment supposedly gave bin laden a proper burial....mind boggling.....keep blogging i enjoy reading them and get a laugh here and there...hey if he is in hoboken do you think they let him shave or will they let him look like a WOLFMAN........God bless you and good luck

Steven said...

Really love your blog Tommy. There are people
Out there who are praying for you. Stay strong my brother and God bless.