Monday, May 16, 2011

The Truth

Just some thought I'd like to share:
I would have written this blog 3 weeks ago but at the request of my attorney the judge put a temporary gag order on my uncharged crimes. At John Marzulli's request it was lifted so now I speak my thoughts. Sally Miciotta is a huge slob of a man who's nickname is "Shitty" because the aroma of shit sticks to his body like a cheap cologne. He's a fat, heartless bully of a man who hates me with a vengeance, a fact that I was unaware of until I started reading his FBI statements. In one burst of anger he demands that his underlings bring him the head of Tommy Gioeli. His hate for me is so rabid that he puts me at crime scenes when I was never there. At one such allegation I was completely exonerated when a new government informant came forward who actually admitted to the crime that Shitty Sally said I did. So I find it very ironic that Shitty, who pleaded guilty to killing Joe Parano and a nun in the early nineties did not say that I was there or that I participated in that crime in any way. His hate for me is so great he definitely would have put me there if he could have. So here comes Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro 30 odd years later saying that I told him I was going to hell because I killed that nun. What bull shit! Now let me tell you why the government wants to bring it up at trial but not charge me. One afternoon I was at a strategy session with my legal team. We came across some information that the government was going to portray Hemorrhoids as a choir boy until he turned violent and was corrupted by me. I was never involved in violent crime and I was never charged with any murders before I met Calabro. So their theory that I brought my violent ways to him are ludicrous. My homicide free rap sheet will tell the truth. When the prosecutors eaves dropped on our strategies they had to come up with a pre-Dino murder that they could hang on me. When they asked Hemorrhoids if he knew of any old murders that I was responsible for he had to say no because he knows I'm responsible for no old or new murders. Then he must have remembered that Shitty Sally Miciotta had tried to put me at a murder scene that was pre-Dino. They thought that might work. They went through Shitty's old crimes and found a perfect crime to destroy me with. Shitty Sally Miciotta killed a nun. From the FBI's point of view it was the best possible crime to use against me, to ruin me, make even all the people desert me, and my blog which brings their dirty deeds to light, fracture my religious support and destroy me in the eyes of my community. I can hear the cheering in the FBI's headquarters in Manhattan all the way from MDC Brooklyn. Then a problem arose for them. How could they explain that Shitty, the one who actually pleaded guilty to killing Joe Parano and the former nun, never said that Tommy Gioeli was there? He tried to put me in the middle of a different crime scene. In the obsession to vilify me with the heinous crime of killing a woman, a former nun; they picked the wrong crime. They got a Hollywood screenwriter to come up with that line "I'm going to hell for this", and they proceeded. They used one of their dirty new laws: 404(b). This law allows them to lie to the jury by not having to prove the accusations. They're free to slander me in the press and otherwise destroy my honorable reputation. It's a law that they must have adopted from their nazi friends. I will say this in closing: I take my Catholic faith very seriously and am deeply troubled by this accusation. I am far from the best Catholic but I have never killed a nun or anyone else. I deeply resent the deplorable lies that my government openly spreads about me. So I demand that AUSA Elizabeth Geddies or FBI Agent Scott Curtis charge me with the crime of killing a former nun so I have the opportunity to show the government's persecution of me and prove my innocence at trial. I will not stop blogging the truth. I don't care how many fake headlines you make up. I am only responsible for what I do, not for what people say I did. Shitty Sally Miciotta is responsible for many horrible murders. He was even involved with the killing of a child and the brutal beating of a camp counselor. He joined Team America and is at home with his wife and children after only 5 years in jail. Dino Hemorrhoids Calabro has killed many people. He is a horrible man. Even though he has yet to take the stand he is home with his wife and children in less than 3 years since his arrest. I have the pictures from facebook to prove it.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,


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