Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I would just like to touch on how not granting bail is not to keep the community safe or to keep defendants from taking flight. Judges in federal cases do not grant bail because it makes it impossible to mount a proper defense while you are incarcerated. Here are just a few examples and then I will go into my own personal experiences.

When you are in prison awaiting trial all of your communication is monitored and recorded in some fashion. Your contact with your attorney is limited at best. Your phone calls to and conversation with your attorney are also monitored. Even though they are not allowed to use these conversations in court they scour them for trial strategies, witness names, and any other info that will give them the edge. The prosecutors are so dirty that they gain the name of an alibi witness in a mob trial by eaves dropping on a defendant (who could not get bail) and his lawyer. Upon hearing of what a good witness he would make for the defense they charge him too. The alleged mobster got convicted of a crime that he was innocent of. The witness was acquitted but they kept him from testifying which was their purpose, and the rat went home to deal drugs and continue his life of crime. But I digress. Let me get back to the disadvantages of no bail. They take away your whole family support system. You get to see your loved ones one hour a week, and not all of them just four. If you have more than four loved ones you are out of luck. You get 300 minutes of phone time a month to speak with everyone you know, your lawyer included. All calls are monitored and recorded they say for prison security, but then why do they share the recordings with the prosecutor? The prosecutor knows when you're fighting with your wife, when you're late with you mortgage, or when you want to get a 5 year plea. They know everything and they use it all to get a conviction. That's why there's no bail. With all that technology has to offer: ankle bracelets, cameras, and motion detectors, the government can grant anyone bail and be confident in their whereabouts and the safety of all. So being a danger and a flight risk is just more government propaganda designed to be used in conjunction with their other weapons: RICO, uncharged crimes, acquitted conduct, and overall conspiracies that insure their victories, not justice, just win, win, win! They don't care at what cost it is to the lives of their own citizens. They don't care about the destruction done to the very core of the once greatest justice system of the world. Today our courts are closer to that of Iran, China, and North Korea than that of England, France and Canada. Our civil rights and liberties are trampled on for the government's quest of unconditional victory and obedience.

"There is no client as scary as an innocent man."
(J. Michael Heller, Criminal Defense Attorney. LA 1962)

Stronger Today than Yesterday,


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