Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bleeding the Bull

I have been informed by a confidential source, whose story has been verified to be true and accurate by other confidential sources, that the process of preparing defendants for trial or to testify against their co-defendants is called "Bleeding the Bull." The way that the bull in the arena is stabbed in the back with spears by men on horseback until he has lost so much blood that he can barely stand, let alone defend himself, the way that he is tortured by tail pulling and men screaming until he is so confused that all he wants to do is lay down and die. Then the big, bad matador enters the arena to torment the bleeding bull further by snapping a red cape under his nose before he finishes the slaughter with his sword in a state of ecstasy in front of cheering crowds until the bull is finally put to peace (death). Well, the US Attorney's office and the majority of the US Attorney's offices throughout the country use this phrase in connection with the abuse and torment of their pre-trial defendants. The justice department in collusion with congress and federal judges have set forth laws and policies that enable them to mentally break guilty and innocent citizens alike. With laws like "The Bail Reform Act of 1984" in which judges follow the government's recommendation 98% of the time and deny bail, with their racist laws aimed at particular segments of society, the extra punishment heaped on the defendants who chose to exercise their right to a fair trial, their obscene budgets, and the money and new lives that our government bestows on its lying co operators (notice I did not say to those who tell the truth because the truth is not rewarded and is oftentimes punished). The people who sing the government's version of events are rewarded.

Let's start with no bail and all that that entails... For those of us who really love our wives and children, as I certainly do, we are only limited to 1 hour a week to see them. We are limited to a maximum of 4 immediate family members, 52 hours a year. Children sitting on father's laps is not permitted. Any show of affection for more than a few seconds is also not permitted. This practice alone is barbaric and puts the defendants in a semi-depressed state, let alone what it does to the children and other loved ones. Every word that you speak, write, and sometimes think about is monitored and in most cases is recorded. You are video taped all day. The Bureau Of Prisons states that these practices are done for the security of the prison and staff and that does make sense. But why then do they turn these tapes, letters, emails, etc., over to the prosecutors and the FBI to be scrutinized? What does the prosecution know about prison security? If the BOP sees evidence of a new crime, then by all means they should get the prosecutor involved. But to give the government an advantage at trial by knowing your state of mind, your strengths and weaknesses, your trial strategies, the name of your witnesses, even what your alibi is, should be discontinued and made illegal. I know that you are thinking that if they pick up conversations between you and your lawyer they can't use it in court and they can't and they don't. But they use the information to plan their strategies, scare your witnesses, and short-circuit your defense. Information is power. They know your defense and you have no idea of their attack. You have lawyer visits on a very limited basis and the rest of your legal team even less. You have little or no input on your case because you have no access to the proper legal tools, privacy, or security that would enable you to fight back. Even a paper clip is contraband. You are in a 2-man cell and the government is constantly putting snitches in as your cellmate to go through your personal belongings and paperwork. They often learn a script about you that they can say at trial. The prosecutor can point to the fact that he was your cellmate and you must have confided in him.

The food is atrocious. The medical treatment is one step below third world standards. You are always sick or in pain. You receive no sunlight and your lack of vitamin D is a serious problem to your health. The noise of living in a 120-man pod is like living in a subway station. I could go on for 10,000 pages about the mini-tortures that are inflicted every day; but the bottom line is, to keep men in a place that was built as a holding prison, to hold them for no more than a year, and hold them there for 2, 3, up to 6 years is inhumane and barbaric and serves the purpose of mentally breaking the prosecution's targets. An esteemed federal judge, 10 years ago, said that this prison (Metropolitan Detention Center) should have been condemned. The government that runs these places and the prosecutors who are only interested in victories are masters of mental manipulation and use it on the least powerful members of society. By the time they are done with their process of "Bleeding the Bull" the innocent men are pleading guilty. The others are ratting on one another and guys are taking larger sentences just to get to another prison. These conditions coupled with the prosecutor's weapons of mass destruction (RICO, conspiracy, no bail, uncharged crimes, acquitted conduct, witness protection, enhanced times for going to trial) and judges who refuse to let the truth into the courtroom has made Americans afraid to exercise their right to trial (this is just a small sample of the abuses perpetrated on US citizens). The scales of justice are broken and "justice for all" is the heart of America. America is bleeding to death.

3 years, no bail, no trial...
"The Great Writ [of habeas corpus] is dead in this country.” - U.S. Circuit Court Judge James C. Hill

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linda land said...

i cant believe
in the united states of america people are treated guilty and convicted before you get bail or even have a trial i thought it was innocent untill
PROVEN guilty not true i guess if the way tommy gioeli is being treated tells us anything.in prison 3 yrs no bail no trial no medicine for his illnesses Is this the way the u.s. is suppose to treat people?Living in this country and knowing this really scares me cause at any minute it could be me you mine or yours and having a family that loves you so much and has to stand by powerless is heartbreaking to me and more so to them.hopefully people read things and one of us actually is able to change how the justice system treats people We are suppose to be in a country of freedom innocent till proven guilty and access to a speedy trial its scary to know that the law decides who gets those rights and who does not how can this be ok