Friday, June 10, 2011


This post is basically an open letter to all of the people that are involved in the bleeding of the bull, Tommy Gioeli. They use many tactics to make me weak enough to ensure their victory at trial. Some of these tactics include: the one-sided law RICO, conspiracy, their uncharged crimes to taint juries with, their criminal informants who get to put their crimes on me and then go home, their no bail, their unfeted access to the press (again to taint juries), and countless other tricks that have become the fabric of todays prosecution. Today I will focus on the way that they deprive me of medical care to make me physically too weak to fight. But I will always fight tyrants. I will always fight for truth and justice.

As most of you know when I was arrested I was an unhealthy man; a diabetic at an unhealthy weight. I had the beginnings of heart disease and had all ready received 3 stents to open clogged arteries, but I was in the process of getting well. I threw out cigarettes for good and I started a weight loss program and was making some headway. A slow loss but a steady loss. I even started taking some Tai Chi classes. My outlook health-wise was bright. My sugar numbers were under control. My eyes, kidneys, and repaired heart were great. Then I got pinched and this systematic bleeding of me by my government began. I was subject to a BOP diet of sodium and fillers: rice, potatoes, and rice again. My arteries quickly clogged. I was rushed to the hospital one night and I received a new stent. My blood sugar was out of control and I was walking around in a diabetic stupor all day. I asked for a monitor where I could take control of my sugar and my health. I was denied. The prosecutor wanted me in a stupor. My teeth broke. Again I could get no help. They stopped my heart medication (Plavix) which I needed to prevent another heart attack and stroke. I was sick all the time and so confused that I could not comprehend everyday conversations let alone the legalese that my lawyer spouted.

We went before the magistrate to address these health issues. After numerous hearings and embarrassing headlines these issues were resolved, or so I thought. I received a one-touch meter to keep an accurate track of blood sugar. I was re-prescribed my heart medication (Plavix) and I was allowed to have a partial bridge that was in the possession of my dentist sent to the dentist at the MDC to size and complete. A home run right? Well as soon as the judge took his attention away from my plight they switched sugar meters at MDC so I could no longer get the strips that would make my meter work, and they would not give me the new kind of meter. They heroin tested me for my diabetic stupor. They stopped my Plavix again and used up so many years in the fight over my bridge that my real teeth shifted and the bridge my dentist made would never fit. The doctor that assured the judge that he would personally take charge of my health care hadn't seen me in over a year. I had a mild stroke and am still weak on one side. My sugars are out of control again and when I finally got to see the doctor a few weeks ago, he tells me that my kidneys are beginning to shut down. He puts me on insulin to control my sugar. He also lets me see the eye doctor and I receive more bad news. My eyes are bleeding behind them.

So in the last year AUSA Elizabeth Geddes and her co-conspirators have bled this bull so much that I may be blind and on dialysis by the time I start trial. Hell, they might even bleed me to death by then. I know that the American people would never allow AUSA Geddes to use all these dirty tricks against me. The lying headlines in the press, the robbing of my legal work in jail, the robbing of my house, the robbing of my last farewell to my father and last but far from least, the robbing of my health, my life's blood.

In this evil, unfair, unjust creation that we have the audacity to call the American Justice System, we must strive to not equal China, North Korea and Iran. We must not use the tactics of these tyrannical nations to achieve victory in our courts. We must use the tactics of truth and equality to achieve justice in our courts. This is the American way. AUSA Geddes' behavior is not the exception it is the norm. Tyranny is the norm.

Weaker Today Than Yesterday,


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