Monday, June 13, 2011


Just a couple of thoughts about RICO (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization):

This law was made to bypass the constitutional protections of certain groups of American citizens. First and foremost, it is used to persecute Italian Americans. After that it is used on any group that our government considers inferior to themselves: African Americans, Jamaicans, Colombians, Mexicans, Jews - no I'm sorry not the Jews yet. They are still too politically powerful to be attacked with RICO. There are also groups that are precluded from being attacked with the RICO statute. That's right. It's illegal to use RICO on any federal agency, the cabinet and all municipalities. Almost all forms of government are completely immune from RICO. How convenient for them. They make a law to circumvent mine and your constitutional rights but leave themselves out. Why?

Do they know what I know?... that once you are charged with RICO there is no escape. A RICO charge takes your right to a speedy trial and destroys it because most RICO cases are deemed complex. Your protection of statute of limitations is also rendered useless by RICO because the existence of the enterprise may go back decades. So your protection against bad memories, relocations, and plain old death of witnesses no longer exists. With RICO you are not only responsible for your own behavior but you are also responsible for the behavior of every other member of the group. If the action is in furtherance of said enterprise, real or perceived, you are accountable for everyone.

So being The Watergate Break-In was done for the benefit of the Republican Party, then aren't all Republicans guilty of burglary? When a psychotic anti-abortionist kills a doctor aren't all "right-to-lifers" guilty of murder? Aren't all members of the Tea Party guilty of shooting congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords? Well, if the prosecutors decide to charge them they are guilty. The prosecutors have the power to bring the RICO law down on the head of all these groups. They have the power to destroy any group or its members: the Knights Of Columbus, the Teacher's Union, the Jewish Defense League, the Masons, the NAACP, the Catholic Church and so on. Only the government and the prosecutors that they appoint are immune. Our government will take no action against these organizations for now but they soon will. They are getting ready. They are sharpening their laws.

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