Monday, June 13, 2011

Just a Quick Story...

I just wanted to share a story that my Dad told me... I think hearing it will give you all a better perspective on MDC's medical care. My Dad is diabetic and I believe one other man is on his floor. The other day, they're locked down (which means in their cells so that the correction officers can do a head count, etc.) and the medical personnel come up and yell, "Sugarrrr, Sugarrrr..." for the diabetics to come and get their sugar levels monitored. My Dad and the other inmates are locked in their cells. Obviously my Dad cannot simply unlock his cell, so he waits for an officer to let him out. After he is let out, he and the other other man who is a diabetic, walk to the area where the medical personnel wait and they're already gone. So naturally my dad asks an officer, "I thought they called for sugar, where did they go?" The officer's response is, "Well, they waited 5 minutes and you didn't show up so they left."

By the way since MDC "doctors" are so capable of monitoring my Dad's sugar levels... they mistakenly gave him too much insulin the other day and his sugar level was 45 which is dangerously low. But my Dad is not allowed to monitor his own sugar levels anymore because he's an American citizen accused of a crime in AMERICA.


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