Thursday, October 4, 2012


Here are just a few commentaries on the events of the day:

As a life long Republican I am proud to announce that our esteemed presidential candidate developed a brilliant new economic plan that will surely save the American economy:

He will (at the government's expense) give every Senior Citizen, Adult, and Child from the middle class down their very own "tin cup" that Mitt, his family, and the rest of the financial elite can plop their excess pennies into whenever they feel a tug of guilt, need another tax break, or are running for a political office in the near future and need to soften their image. This spectacular scheme will no doubt enable the United States to retain its position as the number one financial Super Power of the world. If not at least, it will allow the top 1% to have a very Merry Christmas and many, many more.

May God Bless America and stop these thieves from robbing our country.



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