Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PBS Special on Informants

just a PBS special on informants... some interesting perspectives on how giving out lesser sentences to those who "rat" on others leads to a great amount of corruption and abuse of the system


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Gary said...

This treatment is disgusting and unacceptable as we are supposedly innocent until proven guilty!I have seen this treatment on more than one occasion both in Federal and State institutions.Whether you are awaiting trial or are convicted of a crime this is America and it seems to me the so called Correctional system is living in the dark ages.How do you hold a man for 2 years with no trial date set(where is the evidence against him?)and subject him to these horrible conditions?The man is obviously in poor health and it seems to me that he is being denied fair and reasonable treatment.I guess because he is Italian he must be a criminal.Show the evidence,put this man to trial or let him out on bail so that he can properly defend himself.Maybe the Feds want to terrorize his wife and girls again or maybe they should let them have someone else steal some more of the families possessions.Believe me I have seen it firsthand multiple times and if there was something I could do I would happily help.It's a real shame how our government really works!This is someone's father and husband and unfortunately in a situation such as theirs our so called government treats the family just as poorly as they do the defendant.Stand by your dad,girls,as I know from being a father of two girls that you are his strength and sanity.If I can ever be of help E-Mail me at GCD1257@GMAIL.COM.My thoughts and the prayers of myself and the Franciscan Friars are with you as I have a very close relationship with them and have asked them to remember your dad in there daily prayers!With Regards,Gary DeAngelis