Thursday, March 29, 2018

Elite Death Pushers

I have been trying to restrain myself from publicly offering my opinion on the current state of our country. But as long as we have such a complex man in the White House I must end my self-imposed silence.

So I start with the fact that I am grateful to be a New Yorker; and as such I know that myself and most other New Yorkers realize that most of what President Trump (aka the Big Cheesy) says is bullshit. What the rest of our country should realize is that this grandiose behavior--like his tacky display of exaggerated wealth, his gaudy buildings and the dazzling women are merely Trump's heritage (hence the Big Cheesy). So when I heard Trump calling for more sentencing of the death penalty for opioid dealers I had to chuckle. I think that this (like all of Big Cheesy's bullshit rants) is an attention grabber. Or did Attorney General Sessions (aka Elmer Fudd) talk Trump into this imbecilic solution. Are we really going to let the government of the Philippines establish policy in our White House, our justice department? I hope not.

The Big Cheesy has been crying about the unfair treatment he has been receiving from the FBI and federal prosecutors. Does he think that the Justice Department will treat alleged drug dealers more fairly than they treat him, the president? So now we will have legions of alleged drug dealers waiting to get and receiving the hot shot because of a doubtful guilty conviction of a widely corrupt and blatantly unfair justice system. What an outrage.

After all dealing drugs is just a crime of GREED. Like so many other crimes of greed. So why stop at drug pushers when it comes to crimes of greed? Why not give greedy bankers, land lords and all other greedy little piggies of American aristocracy the death penalty? I know why. There are so many needless overdoses that drugs produce. So many innocent lives ended early because of opioids... so many talented young people. It is death by delivery. It is all so sad. This is true but then let's figure out how many people die from drinking booze. Probably more than drugs. Is that as tragic or sad as an overdose? Of course it is. So why not have any of the greedy executives of the liquor companies be put down like a rabid dog?

Wait let me go one better than that. Let me give you an example where I happen to have the exact number of deaths caused by this product. This industry is the tobacco industry and it killed more than 492,438 Americans last year and 7 million globally according to the Tobacco Atlas. Have any members of this group's greediest piggies been given a hot shot? Are any of these ghouls in jail? Do they get to keep and spend the money from this addictive product that they have altered to make even more addictive so once smoked you're hooked? These pillars of American society even know that smoking has been killing people for decades before everyone else knew the dangers. So now these American corporate monsters continue to make, distribute and sell these death sticks without a care in the world. No death penalty for them. Their only problem is which politician to spend their blood money on. What about the Big Pharma executives? Will they be put to death? Maybe drug king pins should hire a Washington lobbyist.

I could only hope that President Trump's words were a bit bravado and he will try and keep all of our laws equal and fair for all. Equal justice under the law. If anyone wants to know why I call Sessions Elmer Fudd stop reading my blog.

Stronger today than yesterday.


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