Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fake News

In this year of 2017 when the entire country seems to be on the brink of self destruction, I am rather amused at the amount of bad press that my old civil lawsuit has generated. It just doesn't make sense, or does it?

Thanks to our new President Donald J. Trump we all understand the concept of fake news. The media lies, invents fake news and has an agenda to fulfill. But when it comes to the NY Daily News and the NY Post, they are such sleazy rags that they don't use even fake news, they use "old" fake news. Their scribblers are such talentless hacks that they can't even invent their own unique fake news stories. They lap-up the government's porridge of lies and altered facts. Then they add a few mean adjectives and bingo they have enough shit to qualify for a front page headline in these two hometown rags. Imagine, they actually have the balls to shamelessly call themselves newspapers.

What happened to the literary excellence, the compelling investigative reporting that the New York press used to be known for? Do they not know that these hateful, amateurish blabberings in print are the main reason why they are both hemorrhaging money?

Why do they show a particular loathing for Italian Americans? Whether it is a governor, a mayor, the father of a raped murder victim or an alleged old time gangster: if you are of Italian descent the Post and the news will use any vile, ugly, stereotypical adjective to mock us. They won't use words like cheap and Jew or black man and watermelon in the same sentence (as they shouldn't) but when it is an Italian making the news, meatball, wop and dago are sufficient. Guido, or any Mafia reference is acceptable to them. They even gloat about their use of these horrible words. They will even drag our religion into the slime of their fake old news. There have been countless government rats and not one of them has linked the term "Godfather" to organized crime. But the government and the news outlets keep advancing the fictional connection of Hollywood make-believe to dishonor and degrade not only Italian Americans but also the Catholic religion.

I toyed with the idea of boycotting these newspapers but how do you boycott newspapers that are so cheesy that they are given away for free at Penn Station? So I came up with this: I ask all Italian Americans, or anyone, or any group that is for true equality (not just for their people but for all people) to unite and to not buy any product or service that is advertised in the NY Daily News or the NY Post.

Italian Americans are a kind, caring, intelligent, hardworking and honest community. We are honorable and God-fearing. And we are tired of being maligned in the press, movies and the courts. We will put a stop to these predjudices.

Stronger today than yesterday.


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