Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trump's Win

Today I write about the magnificent win by President-elect Donald Trump AKA Rubber Lips. Trump beat not only Hillary Clinton and the Democrats; he beat the Republicans, the popular media, Wall Street, Hollywood, Washington and every other statuesque institution that exists in America today.

There are many reasons for his win: his success at business, his non-political background, his connection to the working man, his optimistic message and the many flaws of his opponent Hysterical Hillary. But in my opinion the main reason that he won was his message of change; out with the old ways of Beltway politicians and bureaucrats enriching only themselves on tax dollars while hiding their thievery in the guise of public service. This looting of the people's money is a disgrace and he promised to change it.

Well he is not the only presidential candidate who had a message of change. Bernie Sanders was also a breath of fresh air in the cesspool of politics. He had a rejuvenated view of what change would be. But then the DNC robbed him of his chance at a run for the presidency. The clandestine operatives in the DNC, the criminal cells of the Obama administration and the thugs in the Clinton cabal all conspired and acted in an illegal fashion in their quest to crown Hysterical Hillary the first woman president.

These corrupt minions scurried in every direction trying to retain the ultimate power in the world, the billions in personal wealth that the office of presidency has generated, and to succeed in making history by being first again. You know, the party of the first black president, now the party of the first woman president. They are the party of quotas. Well their arrogance in trying to fix the election and shove this flawed candidate down our throats cost them not only the presidential election but the loss of all power in Washington. There are also many Republicans that had their wish list redacted with the loss of Hysterical Hillary. All professional politicians are in mourning with Donald (Rubber Lips) Trump's complete victory.

I do not have great expectations that Rubber Lips will do much better; after all he has proceeded to surround himself with political shit. Now if this system could just produce a decent candidate we can save this great nation for our descendants.


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