Monday, November 14, 2016

Political Prosecutorial Misconduct

Today I write about President Obama, our commander-in-cheat. I was astonished to witness Obama try to explain to the American people why FBI Director Comey was wrong to reopen the criminal case into Hysterical Hillary Clinton's email scandal. So with all of the sincerity that the serpent used to charm Eve, Obama states that the Justice Department (of which the FBI is a part) does not make public any criminal cases where a politician is involved if it is close to an election. Here comes my chance to shout, BULLSHIT! The Justice Department publicly investigated, indicted, and brought Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska to trial shortly before his try to reelection to the Senate. Upon the jury verdict of guilty, he lost the election which completely shifted the balance of power in the Senate.

Then it was discovered that the evidence used to convict Senator Stevens was false, untrue and completely fabricated by the same FBI, Justice Department and prosecutors that brought him to trial. Wait there's more... it was also uncovered that the same prosecutors and FBI agents hid any and all evidence that exonerated Senator Stevens of the very crimes that he was found guilty of. You see he really was innocent and the government prosecutors knew it. So in plain terms let me state the truth, "the Justice Department framed a sitting Senator (Ted Stevens) for political gain." Well you say so what the hell, the frame did not work, our system works, they got caught and all of the bad actors in the Justice Department (prosecutors and FBI agents alike) were probably severely punished. Again I shout BULLSHIT. By their criminal act, American history is forever changed and the prosecutors and agents that should have gone to jail for their crimes were rewarded with high paying jobs at the most powerful white shoe law firms. Others were promoted right inside of the Justice Department. And the dirtiest of the bunch were rewarded with an especially prestigious appointment right inside of Obama's White House where they exercise tremendous influence on the state of our nation. As a matter of fact, the only one who was actually punished was the FBI agent who blew the whistle on the prosecutors who framed Senator Stevens.

All of the facts that I just stated can be verified in Federal Court records and congressional hearing minutes and other official documents. There are many examples of the Justice Department's prosecutors using their power to investigate and indict on the state and local levels to thwart the will of the people and put their own friends, party affiliates and colleagues into elected office. You have Governor McDonnell of Virginia who overturned his conviction on appeal, and countless state legislators, mayors and other elected officials who are forced out of office at the hands of federal prosecutors and their sometimes unjust investigations. This is not to say that many of them are not corrupt and deserve to go to prison, but their term should be completed first.

Governor Christie of New Jersey (with his prosecutor's mentality) wreaked havoc on his own citizens in his quest to punish a political rival; and although two of his closest aides were found guilty of all counts charged in the indictment, Christie himself was never even charged for ordering the vendetta. Maybe he will be when his term as governor is complete (but with him being an ex-US Attorney I doubt it). Prosecutors never charge prosecutors with a crime. I guess they all feel that their immunity lasts a lifetime. All but the most powerful politicians are scared to death of powerful prosecutors. They gave them all of this unchecked power and now it is coming back to bite them on their own ass. You see prosecutors have immunity and are never held accountable for any crimes they commit. When Obama's Justice Department wanted to make trouble for the conservative tea party groups they went to the IRS and banned them from getting tax exempt status even though they qualified to receive it. When the scheme was exposed and Congress held hearings, high ranking members of the Justice Department pleaded the fifth amendment and refused to answer. Imagine that the top people in our Justice Department refused to answer to Congress. No one forced them to answer either. If it was me or you we would be sitting in prison until we complied.

The American people have become fools to the power of our government, prosecutors and the Justice System. We must unite under the cause of equality and insure that all citizens answer for their behavior no matter how powerful that citizen is. There must be accountability, especially for those who are in power. The Federal Justice Department must protect the constitutional rights of all; not pick and choose what they think is best. Remember equal justice under the law. Those elected officials who commit crimes while in office must step down only after completion of their elected term and only then are they to be brought to trial before a jury of the people. Prosecutors should not have the power to alter the people's choice for elected official. I certainly do not know all of the answers, but I do know that we cannot continue to allow federal prosecutors to run amuck locking up only the poor and the powerless; and using their position of great trust to secure elections for their allies and to secure great wealth for themselves along the way. Look around and you will see that current and ex-prosecutors run the country, if not the world. We the people must oversee the powers of government, including the Justice Department which has become the enforcers for the alpha-politicians.


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