Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frankie Blue Eyes

Today I am again inspired to write my post based on an online article written by Jerry Capeci. Although his column is filled with amusing stories (most placed by the FBI) the one that I will focus on is the lead-in story from January 10, 2013.

As most of you know Frankie "Blue Eyes" Sparaco is a homicidal maniac who has been cooperating with the FBI since the 1980s all the while killing and causing mayhem throughout the streets of New York City. Sometime in 2009 Frankie Blue Eyes plunged deeper into into the devil's hole (he officially joined team America). That's right, he stopped being a dry snitch, whispering his version of events to FBI Agent Scott "The Seducer" Curtis and AUSA Elizabeth "The Liar" Geddes, or in his eighties heyday FBI Agent Lin "The Clown" DelVecchio or AUSA Valerie "Vile" Caproni.

Anyways, this time out Frankie would take the witness stand, be sworn-in, face the defendants and their attorneys; much harder than spouting an uncontested version of events. FBI Agent Scott the Seducer and AUSA Liz the Liar, with the promise of no more jail time and monetary rewards, had Blue Eyes sign a cooperation agreement and be whisked away from the Bureau of Prisons to an FBI safe house where he was squirreled away in preparation for my trial. So the diabolical duo Geddes and Curtis were well pleased with themselves. They thought that had they finally cooked my innocent goose.

But then, the truth displayed its persuasive head and they realized that Sparaco's story did not and never will match that of their star witness Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro. They had to think fast so they made the decision to leave Frankie Blue Eyes out of team America's line-up. Now when Blue Eyes learns that he's been scratched he makes many repeated attempts to contact me in an effort to testify for my defense. Lizzy the Liar and Scotty the Seducer thwart Frankie's overtures at every turn. Myself and my team had no idea that the Liar and the Seducer had total control over Frank Sparaco and his attorney.

After AUSA Elizabeth "the Liar" Geddes and FBI Agent Scott "the Seducer" Curtis lose the biggest case in the history of the Eastern District of New York (mine), they turn their vengeful black hearts on their very own personal scapegoat, the person whose life they completely manipulate: Frank "Blue Eyes" Sparaco. They take him by his ass and put him back into prison. Not to some rat's nest that they have conveniently placed throughout the whole country; they send him to La Tuna prison (in general population) where his high profile squealing is likely to put him in serious trouble. Was this move by Lizzy and Scotty to put the life of Blue Eyes in danger strictly a vendetta? No! It was two-fold part revenge and part warning to all the other rats who might come forward to tell the truth.

I've heard that Joe "Joe Caves" Competiello has made several attempts to tell the truth for the record only to be frightened into silence by the government. This La Tuna incident seems to be the last warning from AUSA Geddes and Agent Curtis to all of their rats who are starting to develop a conscious.

What I really can't comprehend is why Colombo squad FBI supervisor Seamus "the Shit" McElearney won't regin-in FBI Agent Scott "the Seducer" Curtis. Or for that matter why US Attorney Loretta Lynch doesn't end the dishonesty and corrupt conduct of AUSA Elizabeth "the Liar" Geddes. These two bosses are stoking the flames of these lunatics and they will surely themselves be consumed by the fire.

When the public understands that this regime of FBI agents and prosecutors are seizing all power, rights and justice from its citizens, careers will be ruined; it's just a matter of whose and how many. We will not have another cover-up. We will not have another Lin "the Clown" DelVecchio or Valerie Caproni run rampant through our justice system!

Stronger today than yesterday,



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