Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mayor Bullyberg

When Mayor Michael Bullyberg attacks the working poor (the school bus drivers) by describing their request for job security as trivial and insignificant in his public statements, it is an attack on the very citizens that he should be protecting. This arrogant, egotistical blowhard draws a target on the back of the poor while he coddles the big business that he is allied with. I know that job security is a nonissue when you are a millionaire or a billionaire (like the mayor and his friends) but when you have nothing it is the one comfort that gives you hope for yourself and your family. Bullyberg says that the city can't afford to pay these bus contracts anymore. Maybe so, but I somehow doubt that it's the $30,000+ salaries with no sick days that is making the contracts so expensive. Maybe he should look at his the lifestyles of his friends before he decides what is and is not necessary. Bullyberg must remember that the three things that God abhorred most is a scowling face, obstinacy in wrongdoing, and an arrogant trust in money. The teachers and all of the other major and minor unions must unite. Divided labor gives strength to tyrants like Bullyberg and allows cities and big corporations alike to disguise union busting as a way to save money.



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