Friday, January 18, 2013

The Law

When white men enslaved, tortured and murdered black men it was the law. (Racist Law)

When rich men payed poor men to fight for them in the war it was the law. (Opulent Law)

When Judge Roy Bean hung men for the money in their pockets and the gold in their saddle bags it was the law. (American West Law)

When a mob of New Orleans men lynched and murdered Italians it was the law. (Vigilante Law)

When Adolf Hitler tortured and slaughtered countless Jews it was the law. (German Law)

When Rosa Parks protested being forced to sit in the back of the bus it was the law. (Jim Crow Law)

When a judge imprisons a man for crimes that he was found not guilty of it IS the law. (Vindictive American Law)

The law does not give the government the right to practice evil now or ever.

Stronger today than yesterday,



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Michael MICKMAN GOURDINE said...

I feel your pain. Although not even close to the degree of which that you are feeling it. I was fired from the New York City Police department after notifying my Superiors "Sgt, Capra" and Captain Romano that I had information on the murder of Officer Ralph Dols in August of 1997, I have never been able to recover. I don't know you personally and only heard about you a few years ago (Due to the news) but I know you are innocent and that Detective Louis Epolitto is guilty after a Man named "Wild Bill" sorry I don't know his real name directed someone to tell him to. Your case reminds me of the "Fugitive" if on;y they could find that Man with the "Mangled" right would go free. I tried good Buddy. At least you know someone out here believes you. God Bless.