Saturday, April 16, 2011

Equal justice for ALL

The greatest threat facing the American black man today is not violence in their neighborhoods, it is not hypertension (high blood pressure), and it is certainly not drug addiction. The greatest threat on the lives of American black men is the United States Justice Department. With their racist crack laws and their barbaric enhancements for uncharged crimes and acquitted conduct. Their insistence on splitting one indictment into multiple indictments creates a defendant that is treated as a predicate felon for one action. All of these tactics have been used successfully to wipe out whole generations of African Americans and poor people all over the country. Sales of less than 50 grams of crack and simple gun possession have brought life sentences. Just as black Americans were starting to achieve an equal position in American society: sports heroes, entertainment icons, business and professional leaders, yes, even our first black president...the government uses these cruel laws to put the African Americans back at a disadvantage. Let's take the uncharged crimes that they use to enhance a sentence. If they do not, for whatever reason, have enough evidence to charge and prove a crime then there should be no penalty for said crime because you cannot defend yourself against simple allegations. Next is acquitted conduct: If a jury of your peers says that you are not guilty, that's it! How can a judge disregard this verdict and add time to an unrelated crime because of a crime you are not guilty of? Do juries mean nothing?? To take one series of criminal behavior: selling drugs, carrying a gun, cleaning up the gun money, and running with your neighborhood boys... to take this behavior, accept a guilty plea for the drug dealing and come back 2 years later with an indictment for the gun and money, and in another 2 years conspiracy RICO and charge you with your homeboy's crimes is crazy! You plea 120 months, and the FEDS with all of their anti-black policies turn it into life. They take your youth, they take your children, they take your wife, but most importantly they take your hope and the hope of your people. When will this injustice end?

Stronger than Yesterday,

Where's Bin Laden?????

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