Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Truth About Vinny Basciano's Trial

This week starts the death penalty trial of Vinny Basciano. It will also be the debut appearance of Joe "Sausage" Massino as a government witness. This human puddle of fat will belch and fart his way through the government's fantasy script of events. In the government's insane quest to kill a man in jail, who is already sentenced to die in jail, they seemed to have pulled out all stops. At this time in history when we are in the worst financial crisis of all time, why do we choose to spend countless millions on a trial to achieve the same outcome as already exists now? Even the judge thinks it's a mistake and a big waste of taxpayer money. Why do we make a deal with an admitted mob boss to slay his underling? Why did Joe "Sausage" get any deal at all? The government certainly did not need him with all of the Bonnano hoods that already won their freedom by lying for Team America: Sal Vitale (underboss), Frank Coppa (captain), Louie Patalione (captain), Richie Cantinella... This list is so long I can't possibly list them all. So the government certainly did not need a deal with Joe "Sausage" Massino; and they certainly did not need another trial for Vinny Basciano. So WHY?

They need a deal with Joe "Sausage" to shut him up and force him not to talk. You see the FBI Agent Joe Pistone a.k.a. Donnie Brasco was killing people on Joe "Sausage" Massino's orders. He wasn't cleaning up crime scenes and getting rid of bodies like it shows in the movies. This active duty FBI Agent was killing people, blowing their brains out of their ears, and the bureau will do anything to keep it quiet. He's not like Greg "Grim Reaper" Scarpa who was a gangster and became an agent of the government, and continued to kill with the help of the FBI. He wasn't like Whitey Bollinger, who was also a gangster, and killed people with the help and protection of the feds. He was an FBI Agent who became a gangster and began killing. He loved being a gangster and he loved killing. The feds will hold a mock trial to have a phony reason to reward Joe "Sausage" Massino for keeping the secret of the FBI Agent that kills. By the way Joe, keep all of the millions that you robbed and killed for. Oh, I forgot you already get to keep it because when you join Team America all forfeitures, fines, and restitution stops. Good job Team America!!!!!!!

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,

Where's Bin Laden??????

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mickiemo98 said...

Love how the system works..... How can admitted crimes be forgotten for testimony? I was at a U2 concert many years ago, Bono said, "America, your government is doing things to you that you cannot even imagine." At the time I was offended, sadly, now I know what he meant.