Monday, April 11, 2011

Surprise, Surprise

As most of you already know, my father died on Friday morning. On Friday afternoon I was denied in partaking in his funeral mass, or sharing in the expression of grief with my mother, my brothers, my wife, my children, and the rest of my immediate family. Even though my family said they would pay for the marshall service to escort me there and back, even though 6 New York City police officers volunteered to provide security, even though all of these safeguards would be put into place, the government said no. I was a danger to the community. The number one rat in my case Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro is all over facebook without a care in the world. Pictures, at home or in the comfort of a hotel room, in plain clothes visiting with his kids. His children are constantly in my hometown hanging out with their friends. They are also unafraid and unbothered. His wife has her holidays at her Brooklyn relatives' house with a clear head. Why do you ask are they not afraid of the big bad man like me?? Why do they announce their new address on facebook? Because they know that this big, scary, mean face that the government paints me with is all a charade designed by our government. Why did AUSA Elizabeth Geddes not consider it a mistake to seal the courtroom for the plea deal with Sebastian Saracino where he committed to rat on his own brother? Because she knew that no danger to Sebastian or Dino or any other government criminal witness exists. The last time a criminal witness died a violent death was in episode 14 of the Sopranos on HBO. Mikey "Scars" DeLeonardo (Rat) shops on 18th Avenue in Brooklyn. Joe Campanella (Rat) still lives in the same home where he has lived before he became a criminal witness. Over a thousand of these criminal witnesses go about their lives unmolested in any way. The government knows the truth that I am a danger to no one, unlike their star witnesses who are psychotic killers. Even though I am an innocent American man, not convicted of anything, I cannot bury my father. But the government's dirty little rat who admitted to killing 8 people (including an NYPD Officer), and then tells lies can go home to scratch his dirty little wife's ass. Our government in the hands of these petty, unprofessional, inexperienced junior prosecutors is out of control. Judges, US Attorneys, and all other off chutes of the Justice Department must remember that the foundation of justice is equality for all. So American citizens, always remember that the government can do what they want for you, or to you. You can kill a cop and they will let you go... or you can be innocent of killing a cop and they can convict you.

Stronger than Yesterday,

Where's Bin Laden?????????????


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you everyday. May your Dad rest in peace. Lots of love. Angela

Gary said...

It is called job justification,my friend.They need someone to torture so they can justify there jobs.It all makes me sick!Stay strong and do not let them break your spirit!