Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rest In Peace Dad

Today April 8, 2011 my heart is broken. I awoke at 5:08AM with an urgent need to call home. So soon after they cracked my lock and I acted on my urge and called my house. I never call home in the morning. I never get up in the morning. It just makes the day longer. So I try to sleep for as long as possible. Today was different. My forehead and hands were sweating, my belly was flipping. Even before I heard my wife's cracking voice, I knew that bad news awaited me. I was so right. One of my worst fears had come true. My father died. This saint of a man, this icon of middle class had drawn his last breath around 5:03AM. He must have shook me awake on his way to heaven. My father is not famous, my father is not rich, but my father is loved by more people than any other man that I know. There are whole generations of kids (men now) who still call him Uncle Sal. His genuine love for people is like the warmth of a hug from a loved one. People wanted to be his friend. People needed to be his friend. His legendary quick temper and stinky cigars were always followed by an apology, a hug, and a whiff of cigar breath. When soccer was still a foreign word, he started a league for the neighborhood kids. Our family used to joke that we should move his room to Allen park and visit him there. Right now writing of him and thinking of him I can smell his cigars, a Maduro Torpedo. Cigars were his passion and his pleasure. I love you Dad, and I'm hugging and kissing you in my mind right now. You are my heart and I will miss you every second of every day for as long as I live.

I have no strength today, my father is gone.

R.I.P Salvatore Gioeli 3/5/1930 - 4/8/2011


JGurrieri said...

Mr. Gioeli,
First I've got to say, " I'm very sorry for your loss." from what I hear your dad was a very good man. I also lost my dad while I was a guest of the government. I didn't have the noteriety you do, but they did the same to me. Not to mention I was a nineteen year old kid ( real flight risk ). I saw him for 15 minutes with my hands to my waste and two Marshalls on each side. I didn't even get to say my last words alone to my dad. Tommy no matter what mistakes you've made in your life, you should be able to pay your last respects to your dad. I hope you beat this case and laugh in all their faces! Oh yeah, f*ck Silwa! Your right, he's jealous!
Your dear friend,
Jim G

Anonymous said...

You and your beautiful family are some of the strongest people I know. I am so sorry for your loss. Distance can never break the bond between you and your father. xo