Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some Good News

Into my sea of misery has come some joy. A short time ago my daughter Julia got engaged. We all knew that it was coming for some time, but the act itself brought great happiness to my daughter and the rest of us. God knows we can use it.

I really don't know my future son-in-law, Walter, except that he is an admirable, practicing Catholic of Irish descent, and a New York City firefighter. For this we are thankful. He recently wrote me a heartfelt letter in which he professed his love for my Julia. So I do know that he loves her, and she loves him; and with that start, and a little hard work they can make a truly wonderful life together.

I would just like to set the record straight on a question that everyone has been asking me (is he good enough for your daughter?). Well while I support him in every way, Prince William and Brad Pitt are not good enough for my daughters. So let me be perfectly clear, there is no one good enough for any of my daughters but when they fall in love as Julia did, I will support, help, and guide them in any way that I can. Bravo Julia and Walter.

Thank you God for this blessing.

Stronger today than yesterday,
Tommy G.

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