Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stop Lying...

Stop all your jawing, judge tells 'toothless' Colombo mob boss Thomas Gioeli
BY John Marzulli

Wednesday, September 8th 2010, 4:00 AM

A fed-up Brooklyn judge warned Colombo crime boss Thomas Gioeli on Tuesday to knock off the nonstop complaining about his prison conditions.

After patiently listening to Gioeli drone on about his neck, back and dental woes, Magistrate Ramon Reyes was in no mood to entertain the gangster's allegation that guards at the Metropolitan Detention Center "robbed" his portable radio and wrist watch.

"Stop bothering me!" Reyes snapped.

"And stop bothering Judge [Brian] Cogan. We have more important things to worry about."

Gioeli, 57, looked wounded. "Than my teeth or my heart?" he asked.

"I'm talking about the radio and the watch," Reyes said, advising him to file grievances at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

Reyes also refused to order prison officials to refill Gioeli's prescription for Plavix because the medical literature advises only a 12-month regimen of the blood-thinning heart med.

Gioeli, the reputed acting boss of the crime family, is charged with six gangland murders, including the fatal shooting of off-duty NYPD cop Ralph Dols.

Over the past two years, Gioeli's lawyers have filed numerous legal motions complaining about the medical treatment and prison food at the Brooklyn jail.

"I have no teeth," Gioeli said Tuesday. "I can't chew my food. I'm choking. My back is out. My knee needs replacing. It's an ongoing thing."

Again this idiot chooses to dedicate his column to my medical and legal needs. Yet again, he gets to print my alleged crimes to further taint the future jurors. I am sure his FBI handlers give him a pat on the head or the ass for that.

I am saddened that Magistrate Reyes chose to allow the government to continue their practice of deceit. For him to allow them to give their word to the court and just break it without so much as an inquiry simply astonishes me. When I mentioned my radio, the point was not about the radio, I replaced it the very week it went missing... I mentioned it because the prison's records stated that at no time did I own a radio or a watch. When they said this, I presented the receipts for both items to the courts to show that I did in fact own them. The government then SWORE to the Magistrate that they would replace my radio, watch, and the rest of my legal work, personal notebooks, and food that were stolen when they threw me into solitary confinement. Now when I bring it to the courts attention that none of my stuff has been found, or replaced he dismisses it as trivial. The last time he said that my legal work, personal notes, and strategies may be a 4th amendment issue, now they're not important. For officers of the court to blatantly lie and deceive the court without so much as a word from the court is a disgrace. When the whole world looks to our justice system as an example only to find that it is full of lies and manipulation, it's shameful.

When I first went before the Magistrate I was in solitary confinement (the hole) because of a phony death threat against me from an outside phone call made to the prison. For my "protection" I was in an observation cell with a tie down bed, no place to sit, no utensils, no cup to drink from, etc., to cause maximum discomfort to me. When I asked the Magistrate to investigate where this phony threat came from, he said even if he found out that it was false, there was nothing he could do about it. When I expressed concern for the safety of my family from this so called person who threatened my life, the prosecutors laughed and my concerns were deemed ridiculous. So while I was locked in solitary confinement, all of my personal notes, legal documents, etc., on how to prove my innocence were in the hands of the prosecutors to pick through at their will.

When I told Magistrate Reyes that the BOP doctor at MDC said that I do in fact need my heart medication, and that the doctor from Washington (who said I do not, and did not examine me) was following government orders and was only concerned with money, Magistrate Reyes said that he would "not go there."

So my conclusion is that the courts are just an illusion for the people who never need them. Much like the Wizard of Oz... once you're there, it's all Bullshit.

For the people who don't believe me, it's all in the court records.

Tommy Gioeli

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