Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tales of a Speedy, Fair Trial

Today's post is about the new dirty tactics that AUSA Elizabeth Geddes and AUSA Christina Posa want to employ at my upcoming trial in an attempt to deceive the jury into convicting me. On 9/12/11 they submitted a motion to the judge to have certain evidence admitted at trial, while at the same time they ask to have other evidence omitted. This dynamic duo of illusion wants the judge to lay down a foundation of fraud by preventing me from bringing in the facts that the FBI's criminal informants work for the FBI.

They have the audacity to say that if the jury knows that Greg (the Grim Reaper) Scarpa and Frank (Blues Eyes) Sparaco worked for the FBI it would unfairly prejudice the jury against the government. Ha! How about the government just stops employing homicidal maniacs? It is not like this is an isolated incident; this dealing with the Devil is the status quo when it comes to the FBI.

These two lunatics (Scarpa and Sparaco) have killed a school bus full of people combined. That's a fact! Then, they blamed the murders that they committed on innocent people. That's a fact! The FBI chose to employ them as criminal informants. That's a fact! They committed the majority of their murders while they were working for the FBI. That's a fact! Their FBI handler helped them to commit some of these murders. That's a fact! AUSA Geddes and AUSA Posa are trying to use some of these criminal informants' self-serving statements and manufactured evidence to send me to prison for the rest of my life. That's a fact! For the judge to make a decision that bans these facts from the jury's knowledge is to shatter the scales of justice entirely.

Their next witches brew of deceit begins with the original indictment. Again these two, AUSA Geddes and AUSA Posa try to have truthful facts concealed from the jury. In the original indictment, Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro was charged with the murder of Carlos Pagan, a security guard who was slain on the job. Joe (Caves) Competiello was charged with the murder of Frank Marasa, allegedly over the slight of a teenaged girl. They say that the defense should not be allowed to reference these charges because Hemorrhoids and Caves have denied them. I deny my charges too, maybe the judge should also bar the jury from hearing my charges.

Geddes and Posa also do not want to let the jury know that the original indictment, like the current one, is a phony and as I suspect was brought into play for the purpose of the arrest. No bail so the torture could begin, the death penalty kick in, and the guilty lineup to save their own ass by sacrificing the innocent. If they did not want the original indictment presented to the jury because it was flawed, then they should have used more care and caution before they ruined peoples lives with a phony indictment. In the meantime, it did happen. It is a fact and the jury should be aware of all of the FACTS; not the uncharged crimes that are little more than fairytales that they cajoled the judge into allowing at trial.

If the judge rules in favor of these prosecutors, the Halls of Justice will crumble. For these two, AUSA Geddes and AUSA Posa, to rely on sympathetic rulings and not facts to win cases is a disgrace. They are quickly becoming the shame of the Justice Department. May they just as quickly change course and bring honor to all the reputations involved. I hope so, all they must do is allow the facts to decide the case instead of trickery. I am not afraid of the true facts so why are they?

On a different note, as I sit in my cell writing this post I am listening to Wins news on the radio. Iran just granted bail for two Americans. I am happy for them and I am happy for their loved ones. That a nation of no laws, run by fanatics, has the compassion to give two of my countrymen bail is amazing. I must ask after more than three years, with no trial, where is my bail AUSA Geddes or Posa?? Forget that, I already know; the bleeding of the bull continues.



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