Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Freedom of Speech

The FBI and the US Attorney's office have been exerting immense influence and trying to alter the facts that FBI Agent Scott (the Seducer) Curtis has been having inappropriate contact with Andrea (Heda) Calabro. They would also rather my blog not exist and will stop at nothing to silence me. AUSA Christina (the Prune) Posa has threatened to use selected snippets of my blog to bolster her quest for my conviction. Her letter containing this threat insighted my lawyers to race up to the Metropolitan Detention Center and chastise me about my blog. The blog has been a sore point between myself and my counsel since its inception.

What has AUSA Posa the Prune's bloomers in a knot is that in my last post, while I was describing Heda Calabro's wifely duties to her serial killer husband Dino(Hemorrhoids) Calabro, I violated the secret order that was in place. OOPS! My bad. As I explained to my attorneys: AUSA (the Prune) Posner and AUSA Liz (the Liar) Geddes arranged a Kodak moment for Joe (Cave) Competiello, head bowed at the appropriate angle as to convey sadness, street shirt and two days of stubble on his face to portray depression as well as sadness for his dastardly deed (what a farce!)... then this duo of deceit had this photograph of Joe (Cave) Competiello placed on a full page of the NY Daily News accompanied by a remorseful story peppered with what is unquestionably evidence protected by the same secretive order.

I must ask the Prosecutors and the Judge who issued the order alike: Why must I comply with this protective order while the prosecution and their witnesses do not? Did this counsel of liars forget equal justice under the law? Or in today's America is that just a fairytale?

Take notice that in none of the letters that the prosecution sends, in none of their whining to the judge, nor in any of their media stories that they print to counter my blog do they say that any of the statements that I make are a lie.


Stronger Today than Yesterday,



EddieG said...

Yes TSG, If it wasn't so serious it would be funny how that Daily News reporter goes running after Curtis and Posa asking what he should write. I swear I see a tail wagging when Curtis pats him on the head.

William B said...

The usual double standards apply for the powerful/governmental interest.

chrissofia62 said...

Typical double standard bs. The only thing you can do is beat them at thier own game