Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grand Jury Indictment

While I was reviewing some testimony from the Grand Jury that originally indicted me, I was amazed and terrified to see just how easy it was for corrupt FBI Agent Scott (the Seducer) Curtis and his co-conspirator, US attorney Liz (the Liar) Geddes, to frame me. Although they had a star witness, Anthony (Toothpicks) Basile (and he was not dead, missing, or otherwise unable to testify) he was NOT brought before said Grand Jury to state his own accusations in his own words to enable the Grand Jury to ascertain whether or not he was being truthful. Which, by all accounts, is what should have happened in a fair and just proceeding.

In reality, what happened is that FBI Agent Scott (the Seducer) Curtis gave Anthony (Toothpicks) Basile's testimony for him. That's right, the Seducer, in his own voice, with the knowledge of a law enforcement agent, knowing just what it would take to get an indictment, lied and fabricated the facts of the case with the explicit purpose of lynching me. Liz (the Liar) lead the testimony like a Macabre orchestra conductor; with every high note she hit, the noose tightened a little more around my neck.

Then finally comes my trial and my chance to confront Toothpicks about the lies that Scott (the Seducer) told to the Grand Jury in Toothpicks' name. But now the government tells me that they are not going to use Toothpicks at my trial because he is NOT credible! I said, "Huh!!!!?????" Then I said, "Fine. Apologize to me and I'll walk to the Long Island Railroad and catch the first train home." They said it doesn't work that way.

It doesn't matter that Scott (the Seducer) and Liz (the Liar) lied to the Grand Jury to get a phony indictment against me. It doesn't matter that they will not let Anthony (Toothpicks) Basile testify at my trial so I can prove that (the Seducer) and (the Liar) lied in his name to arrest me. It doesn't matter that I have a constitutional right to confront my accuser and they won't let me. It doesn't matter that I've been held for 44 months without bail and no trial. It doesn't matter that these are the tactics of Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia. I can see how they can indict a bologna sandwich, or an Italian American for being an Italian American, a Jew for being Jewish, an African American for being African American, etc. Give them a target to hate and unethical people like Scott and Liz will indict. Where is the honesty of the US Attorney's office? When did they lose their dignity?

Save Justice, save America, save me!!!

Stronger today than yesterday,


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