Sunday, February 12, 2012

Unequal Justice

This post is about the unequal justice that is carried out in the halls of justice, the investigative agencies and the media. This week we were notified of the termination of the investigation into the rape of a young woman by Greg Kelly, news anchor and the New York City police Commissioner's son. While I was genuinely happy that the investigation was terminated with no charges brought, we can never know if Greg Kelly is truly innocent... or, as a member of the power class, he felt it was his birth right to have his way with any woman who shares a drink with him (like so many men in another prominent Boston clan).

I'm going to highlight the difference between the way a regular citizen and a member of NY's royalty are treated. Approximately 3 months after the incident an accusation of rape was made against Mr. Kelly by a female paralegal, in person, at the local police station. The case was promptly turned over to the Manhattan D.A.'s office. The media quickly picked up on the story and in unison reminded the public that their colleague was innocent until proven guilty. The press made much a due about the delay and how the victim must be lying or she would have told her tale immediately.

Approximately 20 years after the incident, an anonymous letter made accusations of murder against Tommy Gioeli. The letter crossed the Nassau D.A.'s desk, a grand jury was convened and a prompt arrest was made. The media from NY to Hong Kong quickly picked up on the story and in unison informed the public that I am particularly vicious, bestowed an FBI nickname upon me and reported one vile lie after another. They ragged on my clothes, my teeth, my health and my toe nails. They even started to bully my family and friends.

The police and the press started to sway public opinion in Greg Kelly's's favor by facts/lies/rumors that were leaked to them by his father's subordinates. She sexted him after the rape. Her fiance forced her to report the rape. She never had an abortion. She was in debt and needed money. What ever negative lies the NYPD could not leak about the young lady, Kelly's cronies at Fox News picked up the slack. She did this before. She's a gold digger. She's a drunk and so on and so forth.

The FBI and the press swayed public opinion against me by lies/rumors. They made me a crime boss; they even said I killed a nun. They hid the facts, including the fact that the anonymous letter was 20 years old and written by an FBI informant, Frank (Blue Eyes) Sparaco. They also hid the fact that Sparaco has written several anonymous letters, all naming different people as the murderer in the same homicides. Then they hid Frankie Sparaco from me and pleaded with the judge not to allow me to mention him at my trial. They are mute to the fact that no witness mentions my name at their Grand Jury. They have spent over 30 years and enough millions to feed the world's hungry, and still have no evidence against me. They arrested me anyway, gave me no bail, and built a frame based on the fabrications of a rogue agent (Scott "the Seducer" Curtis) and two death penalty eligible maniacs.

Within a few weeks Greg Kelly was exonerated. The investigation complete and the NYPD and Fox media were doing the koombayaa together.

After nearly 4 years in prison with no bail, the FBI is still trying to make a case against me. My prosecutor, my Judge and my country still allow this charade to continue. Why didn't the investigation stop at my arrest? Why were they allowed to use the death penalty as a tactic to delay my trial while they tried to build a case against me? Why am I persecuted in my own country that is a symbol of freedom worldwide? I demand my freedom! I want justice, not tricks and treachery. I am not a Mobster. I am an American citizen!!

Stronger today than yesterday,


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chrissofia62 said...

Keep hanging in there Tommy. They gotta let ya go eventualy. It sounds like you're getting railroaded!!

Stay strong,
Chris Sofia