Monday, December 30, 2013

The Sleazy Serpents

I'll start this post by explaining why I am so tardy in commenting on the NY POST story from 12/11/2013. As all of you know I am housed at the MDC federal lockup in the borough of Brooklyn, New York City. It seems the Bureau of Prisons has this inept policy that does not allow any of the local papers to be delivered to the prisoners at MDC, even though the newspapers get delivered to the jail for the BOP staff everyday. For us, the papers must be mailed in so we receive the newspapers about two weeks late. That is why it was just this weekend when I came across a story about that cartoon character in a can, that Disney Land reject, that vigilante in pantyhose: Curtis (Sleazy) Sliwa.

It seems that his world has turned a little upside down and it is now him that the finger of accusation points to; and what a sick, twisted, demented trigger finger it is. First, he has protected sex with a human (Melinda Katz) and then he has unprotected sex with a test tube. Next, the contents of the test tube affair wind up in the body of the human that he had protected sex with (Melinda Katz). How weird is that? Put on your war paint Rudy (Skullhead) Giuliani you have competition for the heart of Sleazy Sliwa. I'm just not sure if it's Katz or the test tube. So back to the story...

It looks like Sleazy Sliwa and his new partner-in-crime Melinda Katz are trying to embezzle money from Sleazy's first son and his mother then give it to Katz and her two sons. I'm not sure if the test tube is a co-conspirator or not. Anyway the first mother puts up a fight that forces Sleazy and Katz to testify in court. So as Sleazy and Katz testify under oath they both tell two different stories about the amount of money that Melinda Katz is receiving from Curtis (Sleazy) Sliwa. He says that he pays her $10,000.00 a month. She says that he pays her $5,000.00 a month. A big, big difference. Could it be that the test tube gets the other $5,000.00? Don't think so.

Melinda Katz also answered incriminating questions with (I don't remember) more times than Donald Manes did during the investigation of the parking meter scandal. Why is she not charged with perjury? If it was an alleged mobster's wife, or Matilda Como, or any other woman of Italian descent Sleazy would be screaming for them to be prosecuted, beaten, even scourged until they told the truth. But this is Melinda Katz: his own personal politician, his ticket to NYC power, his subway to Gracie Mansion. So, all he could do was sit in the courtroom, hide his face in his hands, and watch as the dreams of his fascist regime slip away.

For the first time in the history of my blog I give the same alias to a husband and wife duo. Hence forth, Sleazy and Melinda shall be known as the Serpents because they both speak with a forked tongue: Curtis (the Serpent) Sliwa & Melinda (the Serpent) Katz.



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