Sunday, December 7, 2014

Free and Fair Press

Today's post is in answer to a one-sided, factually inaccurate story by a government controlled scribe who works for the shoddiest paper in town (Selim Algar's November 25th New York Post article "Mafia Hoodlum Takes the Fall, Files $10M Suit Over Jailhouse Slip). The Daily News is the biggest rag in New York but the NY Post stinks to far greater depths if that's even possible. I once knew a homeless man who refused to wipe his dirty ass with the pages of the NY Post. That is why these two tabloids resort to naked pictures of women on every fifth page to increase their circulation. One of the main reasons for their inferior rankings in the literary world are their third rate, lazy reporters.

In Selim Algar's recent story about my lawsuit he got not one of the easily verifiable facts correct. First, Mr. Selim Dung, I will tell you that I was never convicted of any so-called "murder raps." So I was never sentenced for something that never occurred, no matter what bullshit you wish to feed your readers (if there are any). Next I was sentenced to 224 months which equals to 18 years 8 months, not the flat 18 years you stated in the article.

The next inaccuracy solidifies exactly how lazy and incompetent you are. I have never been physically hurt at the Butner Low Correctional Facility. Although there is an abundance of leaky pipes that have never been repaired, I have not fallen because of any of them. I have been at only two federal prisons in my lifetime, so just how hard can it be to find out where my accident occurred? I mean you had a 50/50 shot with a guess and you still got it wrong! Radio host Frank Morano discussed my injury and on his show on AM970 The Answer. Even the world's grandest imbecile Curtis (Sleazy) Sliwa talked about my shattered knee on air of his radio show also on AM970 The Answer. It was common knowledge. So how did you get it wrong?

If you are content to be inadequate at your job so be it. What I do take particular issue with is the bold faced government propaganda that you have been cramming into my fellow New Yorkers for years. When one of your clan executes an act of terrorism and a frightened society comes down hard on innocent Middle Easterners with targeted laws, massive surveillance, and sham indictments they balk and fight for fairness and their constitutional rights. They are not whining or braying. They are crusading! So why is it when an Italian American complains about an injustice by his captors or government it is whining?? Are we to always bear our persecutions in silence? Are we to be scolded whenever we speak up for justice?

You know I met a confidential informant who has been deemed by our government and other confidential informants to be true and accurate. He told me that you, in secret, support of ISIS in your beliefs and that you financially supported Al Qaeda. How do you like seeing that in print? How would you feel about seeing that in an indictment? Then seeing the CI terrorist go home after bombing and killing many innocent people? Well, that is what Italians go through each time our government screams organized crime. So until you change your work ethics, your attitude towards Italian Americans and do your reporting with fairness and dignity, I wipe the bottom of my shoes with your tongue.

Because I do believe in fairness and truth I offer this disclaimer: I know of no connection between Selim Algar and ISIS, Al Qaeda, or any other terrorist group. I have never had a conversation with a confidential informant or anyone else about Selim Algar. I do know Selim (Camel Dung) Algar to be a lazy, inaccurate and deceitful reporter. I look forward to free and fair press.

Stronger today than yesterday.


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