Saturday, January 23, 2016

Indicted, Arrested & Held on what Assistant US Attorney Now Calls False Testimony

I just read Gangland's year-end review of how the murderers, rapists, drug dealers and child molesters from the FBI's rat squad (better known as Team America) fared as they faced the judges to answer to their multiple crimes and lives of greed and power. They all received government love taps with some getting time-served, even though they remained out on bail for the entire time they were ratting. Imagine that, time-served by doing NO TIME.

Well anyway, the story that really caught my attention was that of Anthony (Toothpicks) Basile. You see, "Toothpicks" was the first cooperator that the FBI used against me. He is the reason why I was arrested. They used his outright lies to arrest me and my codefendants, and to hold us without bail. So I was really amazed to read that the lead prosecutor in my case Elizabeth (Lizzy the Liar) Geddes shows up at Basile's sentencing and demands that he receive a life sentence for a murder that he was found guilty of. Rather than begging for leniency for her star rat (like she did for other rats), she states that he lied to the feds--he gave them useless information, helped to convict no one, smuggled illegal drugs into prison, had two cooperation agreements torn up and much, much more. So she demands that he receive life.

So what I wanted to know is why "Lizzy the Liar" went into the grand jury and convinced them to indict me and my codefendants from the testimony of Anthony Basile. After she indicted us for a slew of serious crimes she then petitions Washington and succeeds in getting us hit with the death penalty, all on perjured testimony!! Let me just shout this part so everyone can hear me-- AUSA ELIZABETH GEDDES WAS NOW TRYING TO EXECUTE US FOR CRIMES THAT AT SOME POINT EARLY ON IN THIS PROCESS SHE KNEW TO BE UNTRUE. How twisted on power is that?

Now when it was clear and she was certain that we were being held on death penalty charges that were bogus (and before she goes to the grand jury to get a new indictment obtained from evidence that she believes to be at least partly true) why didn't she have said charges (from Basile's untrue testimony) dismissed? Why didn't she at least withdraw her opposition for bail until she could put together a real case? Why did she not remove the DEATH PENALTY part? No this ugly bitch with the secrets of the grand jury and the power of a corrupt justice system toyed with our lives like a cat with a mouse.

Now will this corrupt Assistant United States Attorney or any of her coconspirators ever be punished for their crimes against their citizens? No. They have been and will continue to be rewarded for their crimes because this is the way they do business in the US Attorney's Office. Much like Valerie Caproni who completely aborted justice. She hid evidence, told lies of guilt against men she knew were innocent and allowed the guilty to remain free to keep killing. For all of this treachery she was rewarded by being made the Chief Counsel to the FBI! And today she has the dubious distinction of being the most dishonorable judge on the federal bench. You see her greatest reward up until now was to be appointed to a Federal District Court Judge for the Southern District of New York. All of these crimes were committed in the interest of putting a few innocent Italian Americans in prison for life.

The actions of the Justice Department (judges, prosecutors, FBI) are dwarfed only by the sheer volume of the crimes committed during the Holocaust, the Inquisition and the Salem Witch Hunt. The prosecutors intent is certainly just as vile as those in power during those horrendous times in history: to destroy a targeted group of people, guilty or not.

Our government has succeeded in destroying my life and the lives of many other innocent men and women. They have done this by breaking all of their own rules and by stripping us of most of our constitutional protections that were designed to protect us from such government tactics. One day the truth will end their careers and if not it will tarnish their legacy.

AUSA Ellen Corcella, FBI Agents Chris Favo and Jeff Tomlinson, FBI cooperators Frank (Blue Eyes) Sparaco and Greg Scarpa Jr. and many other government employees know the truth of the Justice Department's Second Circuit in the Eastern District of New York and their clandestine attack on Italian Americans and one day they will speak. The people must know the true nature of the officers of this court. May God and honorable men protect our nation.


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