Monday, June 13, 2016

Brock Bias

Brock Turner is a Stanford University student who savagely dragged an unconscious girl behind a dumpster where he brutally assaulted her. He was discovered by two men that stopped him from continuing this degenerate act. After being caught Brock fled, was pursued and held until police arrived and arrested him. Knowing that he was 100% guilty and caught in the act, he could have sought a plea deal to spare the victim the trauma of her testimony of reliving the horror that he inflicted upon her. He did not allow her the option of hiding the shame of being used like some unfeeling sex toy left bruised and bleeding. He did not take responsibility for his actions and save the courts, jurors and the state a lot of time and money. No, his daddy Dan Turner hired some crackerjack lawyer Michael Armstrong to bring the case to trial with some hope of a complete acquittal for Brock. So with Daddy's big bucks paying the tab and the moral-less mouthpiece maligning the victim, Brock tried to blame the rape entirely on the victim. What repugnant behavior. It disgusts me that Brock, his father, his lawyer and all others involved would try such a revolting strategy.

Instead of trying to shield his son from the consequences of his actions, maybe Daddy Dan should have taught his son to respect girls and others. Maybe he should have punched the shit out of Brock when his disgusting behavior was discovered and made a better man out of both himself and Brock. Anyway, their strategy failed. The citizen jury found the deviant Brock guilty of three sex crimes and he was facing severe prison time. Bravo, you say. The system worked. Well, not so fast. Now it was the judge's turn to assault the victim. That's right, after Brock molested her physical body, Judge Aaron Persky raped her of her right to justice. Where the jurors were her champions, the judge was her nemesis. On sentencing day this brave young lady made a sincere plea for justice. Not out of hate or venom towards her rapist, but because she was viciously attacked, her life turned upside down all because of this brat's twisted needs and violent lust. I can imagine that justice would help her to rebuild her life, to rebuild her faith in mankind. She got nothing even close. She had all that American justice stands for collapse on her. This whole story is just so so sad. Why did this all too powerful judge dole out this warped justice from the smugness of his magic black robe? Most people think this is because of his being Stanford alumni. Perhaps he was being nostalgic for his own days at Stanford or maybe he is remembering the days when he himself used to rape unconscious girls at some frat party. Back then, no rich college kid was ever charged with the crime of molesting a drunk girl. I guess we came a long way. The only thing is today it seems college rapists are charged with the crime they are just not punished for the crime.

Well as I see it what Judge Aaron Persky did was certainly sexist. Anyone can see that he was only concerned for he welfare of the boy and had no concern for the victim. It was very clear that what the judge did was also racist. There is no doubt that if the boy had been Mexican, black or any non white poor kid he would have been sentenced to far greater prison time. I know that we have come a long way in our quest for equality. I also know that we have a long way to go. The last thing I know on this subject is that it is very ironic that the place where we have made the least advances is the very place where equality should be paramount. The courts are saturated with personal bias, government targets and a class system matched by no other government branch. The difference between having an appointed lawyer and paid council is obvious to all who are witness to it. The poor always get screwed and the rich always go home. The color of your skin makes such a big mark, not only on the perception of your guilt or innocence, but on how much time you will spend in jail. It seems that our judges feel that people of color can withstand the negative effects of jail better than blue eyed white people so according to judges, prosecutors and the justice system people of color should serve a lot more prison time. It took the first black president to negate the crack laws and to adjust it to be more in line with the sentences that rich whites receive for cocaine possession.

Even your heritage plays a big role in your guilt or innocence. We all know that if it's a crime and it is organized an Italian must have done it. It is so bad that Italian Americans do more time for gambling, book making and lending money than any other ethic groups do for rape and crimes of violence against children. Italian cells are even more surveilled than terrorist cells. Is it going to take our first Italian American president to end anti-Italian bias and to amend the RICO law and restore the constitutional rights that the RICO law conveniently skirts around? I hope not. It would be nice if any politician or political appointee like an attorney general would truly believe in justice and equality. Until now they have all fallen short. Today they are even persecuting and torturing the old with lengthy sentencing and inferior medical treatment. It is appalling to see so many old men suffer before they die here surrounded by strangers. There are so many other beneficial ways that they could pay their debt to society.

Is there an answer to this bias, will there ever ben an answer? I don't know. But I do know that we can start by taking some of the power away from the judges and prosecutors and giving it to the twelve citizen jurors. They share the responsibility of the conviction and they should share in the burden of sentencing. We should stop lifetime appointments for judges and end immunity for the prosecution. If their system is so fair then why would they be so afraid to answer to it for their own crimes? With many other checks and balances along the way we can get so much closer to real justice in our courts. We must clean up our judicial system if we want to avoid the final solution of inequality which is usually revolution by they powerless, unequal masses and an end to society as we know it for better or worse.


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