Friday, September 10, 2010


The BOP has stopped my plavix. This heart medication thins my blood and makes the platelets less sticky to avoid clotting, thus protecting from future heart attacks and strokes. The BOP has stopped this medication without allowing me to see a doctor, or giving me any alternative medicine. They cite a study that has nothing to do with me or my condition, in which plavix may be taken for only a year. The American Heart Association gives strong warnings about stopping plavix without first consulting with your doctor. The BOP stopped my medication and refused to let a physician evaluate me! Purposely putting someone's life at risk fits right into the very fabric of the American government in 2010.

It is illegal and immoral for the government to take a life without a trial. On the scale of wars, oil spills, and floods, my plavix seems very small; but to me it is at the top of my list. I am an innocent captive in an American jail. I should not be deprived of my life saving medicine!

Stronger today than Yesterday,
Tommy Gioeli

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