Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Land of M.D.C.

In the land of M.D.C there's make believe where up is down, and down is a color, and everything is a battle with no victory, only losses.. I find myself in the middle of nonsense war of wills, just what I needed right? It's not enough that we don't have a priest since Christmas, I have boxes of evidence agaisnt me that I'm not allowed to look at, I get my heart medicine whenever they feel like renewing my prescription, I still have no teeth... just to name a few things that I am currently dealing with.

My new issue is no gloves worn by the pill administer on the pill line... (a little backround) in MDC there is over a thousand men, tuberculosis, AIDS, unnamed rashes, unkillable bacteria, a chicken pox outbreak, numerous runny noses and eyes, etc., and the pill line lady refuses to wear gloves when she dispenses our oral medication. She shakes out the pill into the cap or an ungloved hand and watches as we place this into our mouths. The cap maneuver may be okay for the mother who is giving meds to her kids, but in an institutional setting it is down right unsanitary, if not illegal. So, I refuse my moring dose until she wears gloves. Every morning I ask her if she brought her gloves and she yells, "I'm in no mood for you today!" Then I refuse to partake in this daily infectious ritual.

Could something as basic and obvious as sound medical procedure be disregarded in America?? Yes, in the M.D.C. Land of Make Believe.

Tommy Gioeli

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