Thursday, March 29, 2012

John "The Dolt"

John "the Dolt" Marzulli of the New York Daily "News" cannot qualify himself as a real reporter so perhaps it is normal for someone of his stature to think other people feel the same way about their life's calling. Father Peter takes his role as a man of God very seriously and is there to support those in need during their hardships. We are actually suspecting John Marzulli's real job to be either a circus clown (being that he spins backwards on his heels anytime a Gioeli family member looks his way) or possibly a stunt double for Peter Pettigrew of the Harry Potter films. Mr. Marzulli you are failing miserably at your job to report the facts to the public. Perhaps your goal in life is to be a bullshit artist, then you are a complete success story. However, we suspect that you are ashamed of yourself each time you drop your head to stare at your feet when you see one of us. Maybe if you wrote the truth an honorable man like Father Peter would have gladly talked to you.



Father Peter, thank you for your support at trial. I will deal with these illiterate heathens in a post as soon as I get the time.

Thank you again Father,

a dull, stupid person; blockhead.

idiot, fool, clod, nitwit, dummy.

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april c said...

What is that reporters problem? So what you don't know his last name. I don't even know my priest last name and I've known him for 30 years. I do know that he loves me and the rest of his congregation. I've seen him in court, so what. I've seen him visit the local county jail, so what. I've seen him at the the neighborhood tavern, so what. I've seen him doing yard work for the town nursing home. I've seen him playing baseball, basketball and soccer with the youth center. I've seen him doing what a man of God and any self respecting human being is suppose to do and that is loving, caring, helping and supporting other human beings unconditionally. All without knowing his last name. Even when he makes the paper I've never seen his last name it's always Father Anthony. What's the big deal Daily News? I see Father Peter supporting one of his members unconditionally and there is nothing wrong with that.