Friday, March 30, 2012

A Reminder

Mr. Marzulli,

I'd also like to remind you of my father's post from February 16, 2011. "For you to try to cast aspersions on a priest because he follows my blog is asinine. The job of a priest is to help those who are most unfortunate. He helps those who are in need of spiritual guidance, and those who may just need a good laugh or a good cry. Father Peter does all these things for thousands of people. He does it every waking hour of every day. He is the consummate priest. I consider it an honor and a privilege to know him. I humbly accept his guidance in all things religious. For you to highlight his name and vocation in an alleged mob story is distasteful at best. Stop!... In the meantime I would like to challenge the Dolt to one of two competitions. 1- When I am acquitted we will have a charity boxing match: One three minute round, bare knuckles, Marquess of Queensberry rules. All money raised will go to a charity of Father Peter's choosing. 2- We will each write a composition. You will write about why I should give up my right to free speech because I am charged with a crime; I will write about why I should not. Both will be published in your rag for a small donation to be made to a charity of Father Peter's choosing. Your pick."

You never responded to the challenge.


david said...

Mr Gioeli,
I found out about your blog sometime ago and found it quite unbelievable how this government of ours is treating you with regards to your rights. I have been attending your trial and think this child-like prosecution team is a joke!! As long as they continue to call witnesses like that "Mohammed" who couldn't recall his own lies and crimes,which was such a joke considering he thinks all Italiano's are named joey and tommy or even better waste a hour of our lives by having a witness stare at a prison roster and screw up his obviously coached questions from prosecution.The prosecution team gives the impression of boys and girls who shopped in the adult department for their business attire. You pretty much have this one in the bag,your defense team are doing a great job and I just wanted to let you know you have supporters out there. Best of luck to you and dino. Remember everyone Innocent till Proven guilty!!

badgoverment said...

Thank you father Peter we will need you against this devil dino calabro who is the real killer on this trial because this goverment will always favor the rats who want to save their own ass

david said...

All things considered i like to wish you and your wonderful family a happy easter. Stay strong, this fiasco with this government B.S will be over soon and you will be back with them. I've been there supporting you as much as i can even though you don't know me from adam, but that doesn't mean nothing to me. I just wish you the best.
Buona Fortuna.