Monday, May 7, 2012

Hour Long Interview

Here is my Dad's latest interview with Frank Morano of AM970's The Answer. For some reason I cannot attach the link here so if you'd like to listen please copy and paste this link Thanks for your continued support.


badgoverment said...

Congratulating you and Dino on beating this government finally the jury did not listen to the government ,I hope the best for you on this racketeering charge the judge has the final word in September as long as this government doesn't get to the judge you guys should be ok ,god bless you and your family good luck at sentencing !!!!! :)

badgoverment said...

Finally this part of your life is over now you can get your life back in order with your family & friends.
I'm sure the rest of your so called crew wish they never cooperated now they have no pride ,dignity or honor .
You are a very smart man by taking this government to trial they finally lost and your the winner out of all of these stories they made up on you guys I am very happy for the both of you I hope all works out in the future.
God Bless.............