Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Heavenly Father

I knew of God's love for me early in my life; probably around the time that I made my first holy communion. You see, he blessed me with the most loving, kind and caring parents. He also blessed me with two older brother's who were my heroes, teachers, protectors and bullies all at the same time. From this almost flawless nest I proceeded into the arm's of my one true love, my wife Maureen. God truly blessed me when Maureen and myself exchanged our wedding vows. From there God bestowed perfect gift after perfect gift with Julia, Genevieve, Mattia and Kathleen. My four girls are all different and all perfection, to myself and the whole world. I am so loved and blessed by our Heavenly Father that if I was to pass in the night it would be as the richest man. So when through God's grace my jury said not guilty five (5) times and not proven twenty-eight (28) times at the conclusion of my recent federal trial for RICO & multiple murders, I was humbled as well as reminded just how much our God, our Heavenly Father, loves me and all of us. May Almighty God bless you and may you have unyielding faith in Him.

Forever in his faith and service,

Tommy Gioeli

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My kinda town (Chicago is) said...

Congrats Mr. Gioeli! You whole case was a sham from the beginning. Whoever thought that a bunch of scumbag turncoats would sway a jury to convict innocent men needs their head examined. I wish you all the best, and hopefully you'll be home with your family soon. Hang in there!