Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This post is about the fools who would try to distract my readers from my heartfelt post of thanks to God (from last week). I would like everyone to know that I am not a professional writer; nor am I a hack like John "The Dolt" Marzulli, or Mitchell "The Moron" Maddux who spew lie after lie in a perverse form of journalism that is not even worthy of a trip to the lavatory throne. My writing comes from my heart and my head; that is why it is so passionate. I could not pick a topic to write about even if it meant a handsome payday upon completion; my writing just comes to me. The Dolt and the Moron should thank whatever God that they believe in that I am not a paid scribe because I could surely have my pick of their jobs. I forgot that as court reporters, they owe their jobs to the government and can't be fired no matter how inaccurate and shoddy their stories are.

Throughout my eight week trial the reporting was all twisted to bolster the government's fantasies. When the government witnesses were caught lying on the stand, the newspapers hid the lies and reported fictions stories about more crimes that I was allegedly involved in. When the FBI's lead agent denied knowing what a hole was (yes, a hole in the ground), claimed that it is against FBI policy to use cadaver sniffing dogs, etc., the news and the post did a story about imaginary clandestine signs and meetings, not that the agent was blatantly dishonest throughout his multiple day testimony. The prosecution's rats were reciting lie after lie from the witness stand. The whole courtroom knew that they were lying. Only the press and the government seemed to believe them.

The daily rags and other government controlled media have played a major role in the FBI's investigation, arrest, and persecution of me. The press gave me the nickname (Tommy Shots) when in fact I've always been called just Tommy. The press also gave me the title of acting boss, all at the direction of the FBI and our government. They printed it and some readers believed it. "Tommy Shots, the new acting boss"... they proclaimed in story after story. The more that I denied I was a boss, or even a gangster, the more people believed that I was. It is so hard to fight acquisitions from the media and their confidential sources.

On the eve of my trial they published that I killed a nun; a horrible lie, and they know it's a horrible lie. They worked tirelessly to poison the jury and the public against me. They are lazy, unscrupulous and unprofessional. When I was arrested Wins News radio went on continually about my arrest, about how vicious I am. They bombarded the public with the tales of some monster that was supposed to be me. When the FBI was digging for murder victims, they repeatedly gave updates. All horror stories all of the time.

Then after almost five years when I was finally vindicated, acquitted of all six murders, not one of the media outlets made much more than a peep. The papers tried to hide the fact of my innocence behind a RICO conviction which is impossible to beat because it's a bad, unjust, unconstitutional law.

In their last desperate attempt to destroy me, the media faulted me for thanking God for my good fortune. How sick is that? I have been treated like I am not an innocent, American citizen. I have been attacked and persecuted unmercifully for no other reason than my heritage, friendships, and the fact that I will not tell the government's lies. American laws have become the tools of the rich and powerful. Sure, the American justice system has a few more formalities before killing someone; but my lynching had begun, and they were very close. If not for the grace, love, and power of my God, my government would have strapped me to a table and put the needle of death in me for other people's crimes.

The Dolt, the Moron, and all of the government's puppets and henchmen are so pathetic that I actually feel sorry for them. I find it in my heart to forgive them, but I will dedicate all of my energies and powers to stop them from persecuting me or any other innocent men and women ever again. It is not going to be enough for a federal prosecutor to say the word Mafia and show some family photographs to throw an Italian American man in jail. The American people of all races and religions are awakening to your deceit and tyranny.

Stronger today than yesterday,



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Erica said...

. The fact that the media faults you for thanking our Heavenly Father is despicable. My prayers for you, your wife and your girls. You are lucky and blessed to understand God and family are what it's all about, above all else. What a shame those reporters don't get it. I am an Italian American. I watched my Grandfather deal with much in his lifetime because he was from Sicily, because he had an accent because he was a proud man. My Nonna watched as this good man was often treated terribly for those simple reasons. It should never have been that way. Not ever. He worked hard, paid his taxes, loved his family and for that he got trouble. That's the country we live in. I read your blog often, and continue to wish blessings on you and your family