Monday, February 18, 2013

Sleazy Sliwa

Sleazy Curtis Sliwa has always wanted more say in government and the creation of laws as all Fascists do. This minor Mussolini's on-air rhetoric is one continuance blast of hot air announcing that he knows what is best for us and for our country. To gain a foothold in the political world he throws his hat into the ring through his wife (Melinda Katz). He knows that his many arrests, his vigilante justice, and his fabrication of many crimes will certainly preclude him from obtaining public office under his own identity. So, he dupes us with his cloak of deception and tries to gain his political perch from which he will attack the poor, minorities, and our civil rights. We must put an end to his sideways candidacy and his constant assault on the weak. We must not allow another bigoted blowhard to achieve a political position. Remember, a vote for Melinda Katz is a vote for a fascism.


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blue max 1 said...

I never could stand curtis sleaze bag