Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Statue of Limitations

In today's post I will dip into another dimension that is so bizarre to our common-sense way of thinking, so much that it can never be satisfactorily explained to us. As some of you might have already guessed this bizarro world is our legal system. In these supercharged times of ipads, smartphones, and death by drones you would expect that politicians would keep our justice system simple, honest, and pure. Instead they adulterate, weaken, and pollute it. Our courts should address the mere truth of right and wrong. They do not. These politicians and lawyers befuddle us with new laws, and appendages to old laws that can all be interpreted in many different ways except simply.

Again, I will use my own case as an example. The facts that I present in this account show that our laws are miswritten, misused, and wielded as weapons of hate against scapegoated groups and other government targets. The accuracy of this example can be verified with the courts, Jerry Capeci's Gangland article dated 2-7-2013, or the Daily New's article dated 2-4-2013.

It seems like this self-confessed murderer, Anthony Colandra, who killed John Minerva and Michael Imbergano, plead guilty to lying to the FBI and received a five year sentence for his crimes. That's five years in jail for a double murder!!! The prosecutor (the same as mine) AUSA Elizabeth "The Liar" Geddes said that Colandra's sweet deal was hammered out because the statute of limitations for the federal crime of murder in the aid of racketeering has expired. Huh?! Didn't I, less than a year ago, get found "Not Guilty" by a jury of my peers in the Eastern District's Brooklyn Courthouse of the same exact crime that could not be brought against him because the statute had expired??? Then why not me? How does the same law affect myself and Colandra differently? The evidence against him is: 1. his confession, 2. that the other self-confessed shooter (Robert Ventiriglia) stated from the witness stand at my trial that he and Colandra fired the fatal shots in the double homicide, and 3. multiple witnesses and physical evidence that tie him to the murders.

In my case, although there were many informants, at least one cop, and as many as two FBI agents at the scene of the murders, no one said that I was there. There was no physical evidence linking me to the crime. And although members of law enforcement have been showing my pictures around since 1993, no one has ever identified me in having any role in the murders of Minerva and Imbergamo. Again, NO ONE had ever said that I was involved in this double-homicide until Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro needed a way out of jail. Then he said that I told him (the day after the homicides) that I was present during the homicides. Hearsay. He never said that he saw me there because he knew others would expose that statement as a lie, so he made like it came from me, but the jury did not believe him. Hence the "Not Guilty" verdict.

So, with virtually no evidence implicating me in the crime, Lizzy (The Liar) Geddes puts me on trial for my life and I beat her. Then, a short nine months later she publicly states that the person who admitted to killing Minerva and Imbergamo cannot be tried for the crimes, although she can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, because the statute of limitations ran out.

Well what f---ing world do I live in? How can this little lying boy-thing do whatever she wants with our laws? Where is MY JUSTICE? Is it because Colandra is Latin and I'm a Guinea? Who's next? This is just an example of the multiple ways that our government has stripped me of my civil rights and my constitutional protections to make me, an innocent man, guilty in this bizarro world we call justice.

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