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This post is in response to Jerry Capeci's June 12th Gangland News article:

Tommy Shots Can't Complain About The Metropolitan Detention Center Anymore

One prison compound, two Colombo family bosses.

Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli, the onetime acting Colombo family boss who never missed a chance to gripe about conditions during the six years he spent at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, has been shipped to the same North Carolina prison complex as his crime family's official leader, the imprisoned-for-life Carmine (Junior) Persico.

For Tommy Shots, that's both good and bad. On the one hand he used to be less than an hour's drive from his family's digs in Farmingdale, L.I. He's now about 500 miles and an eight-hour-drive away, at the low security facility in Butner, North Carolina. On the plus side, Gioeli is now on the same compound as one of the Bureau of Prisons' fully equipped medical facilities. So he won't have to travel too far if eats too many candy bars and his diabetes acts up, or if he needs a special toenail clipper for a nasty one on his big toe — as has happened in the past.

Another advantage is that Tommy Shots is on the same prison complex as the 80-year-old Persico, who has been at Butner for several years as a precautionary measure following what sources say were nothing more than "normal medical issues" for inmates who manage to live into their 70s and beyond.

But it's unlikely that the onetime acting boss will ever get a chance to pay his respects to Persico, unless — either by hook, crook, or just plain happenstance — they both happen to end up in the prison hospital at the same time, for whatever reason.

That might not be a good thing for Tommy Shots. While Persico, a dyed in the wool mobster is not above murder, mayhem or anything else that might set him free, it's unlikely that he would see eye-to-eye with some of the downright embarrassing rants and raves that permeated the six-years Gioeli spent at the MDC, before, during and after his racketeering and murder trial that has him slated to be behind bars until 2024.

If they do get a chance to chat, they might want to discuss the trials, tribulations, interesting paths and current whereabouts of two longtime Colombo gangsters-turned-turncoats whose names came up frequently before and during Gioeli's trial — onetime Colombo capo Reynolds (Ren) Maragni and associate Frank (Frankie Blue Eyes) Sparaco.

As it turns out, both are currently in Florida.

Maragni, 61, is serving 45 days, the balance of a four month sentence for racketeering that he received earlier this year as a reward, despite the less than stellar cooperation he provided prosecutors at three trials, including Gioeli's. He is at a federal prison in Miami, slated to be released on June 25.

After serving nearly 20 years behind bars for several murders, Sparaco, 58, was released from a federal prison in Texas and placed into a halfway house in the Sunshine State, where he now resides. He was officially released from custody on May 12, the same day that Maragni began his short stay behind bars.

This post is just a short distraction from my follow up on Judge (Buster Brown Cogan) in answer to Jerry Capeci's interpretation of what is "embarrassing." Before I continue I will state that I am proud of my crusade for equality and I don't know how to do anything but fight when it comes to my rights and medical needs.

Now, back to Jerry-built Jerry Capeci... you see this alleged literary genius of the FBI and team America clique thinks that my raised voice for justice in the courtroom is embarrassing. For some reason this lush with an apparently Italian surname feels that Italian Americans and a few other government-chosen minorities do not deserve the equal rights that the rest of Americans receive and demand. Jerry-built thinks that asking for a toe-nail clipper is embarrassing. Well, I wonder how many diabetics who have lost toes, feet, and legs to an infected ingrown toe-nail find it embarrassing? Hey Jerry, are their missing limbs embarrassing? How about Rosa Parks? I bet you thought it was embarrassing for her to want to sit in the front of the bus. The Daily (Rag) News should be embarrassed for publishing such twaddle as my request for a toe-nail clipper and you should be embarrassed that you are so against civil rights.

Now Jerry (Jerry-built) Capeci I will tell you what is embarrassing… First, let's start with your name: "Jerry." When something is "Jerry-built" it is flimsily made; inferior. You know, much like your writing: sub-standard, garbage, junk. So why would your parents choose to name you Jerry? Fair question! Was it the act of your conception? Was it inferior? Was your father misinformed as to the procedure? Did he not understand the equipment involved? Or, was the product of their union (YOU) substandard? Are you lacking in some physical, emotional, or mental way? Well, I think you are embarrassing in all of the above. So I think the name Jerry as far as you're concerned explains itself. You are a piece of shit. Now let's examine embarrassing a little further.

Let's talk about the last time you were carried from a famous downtown watering-hole because you were so drunk you shit your pants…Well Jerry-built, news flash, that was embarrassing!!

You know what else is embarrassing? It's that in your forty or maybe even fifty years of writing about so called organized crime, in this half century of earning a handsome living off of other peoples' heartaches and misery, you never found not one innocent person whose cause you could champion? Now that is embarrassing! You know Jerry-built, not one corrupt prosecutor who framed an innocent man or two? Not one berserk FBI Agent that was out there with his rats killing people and blaming innocents for the murders? You know like Whitey Bulger and his FBI case agent Connolly, or Rossetti and his FBI handlers? All of this up there in Boston... Nothing like that goes on here in New York. Right Jerry?

Oh wait I almost forgot, how embarrassing, you did save someone from a murder charge. You and your guest writer (wink, wink) Tom (The Dirty Bird) Robbins swooped in at the eleventh hour to save that clown from a Stephen King novel, that murderous FBI Agent who slaughtered victims all over New York City, Greg (The Grim Reaper) Scarpa's partner in murder and mayhem: Liddy (The Clown) Del Vecchio. After all those years you finally found a cause you chose to bring the curtain down on... that sham of a murder trial (NYS vs. Liddy Del Vecchio). You produced notes from a book interview with Linda Schiro that did not exactly match her trial testimony. Were the notes for the book a sworn affidavit? Was it sworn testimony, or was it just jiba-jaba to make a book interesting? You know Jerry just more worthless bullshit that all of your books are jammed packed with? The witnesses told countless lies at my trial and nothing got dismissed. At any rate it seems like pretty weak evidence to get a murder case thrown out.

I smell a rat. Jerry were you working with the FBI again to get the results that they wanted? Remember, the judge said that Greg (the Grim Reaper) Scarpa Sr. was so devious that he was running the agent. Well now that we know that Frankie (Blue Eyes) Sparaco was being handled by FBI Agent Liddy Del Vecchio and he too was out killing while he was an FBI informant; what is their excuse now? These three maniacs are Satan's hit team and they are working for the FBI; and you and the justice department play a major role in protecting them. Now that is the grandest embarrassment.

So I shout: Shame on the FBI, the Justice Dept, all the prosecutors and judges that are a willing part of this... and to you. You inferior, disgraceful, shameful piece of shit; I piss on your head.

Stronger today than yesterday.


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