Monday, June 23, 2014

Buster Brown Makes His Own Verdict. Disregards Jury.

In today's second installment of my posts about my judge I will move on to my sentence and the reasoning behind why the judge went to the high end of the sentencing guidelines. He gave me 224 months in prison, six months of monitored home confinement, and 36 months of supervised release for a total of: 22 years and two months of the government controlling my life. He also gave me a $360,000.00 forfeiture and restitution fee.

Now there has always been a lot of talk about the maximum 20 years that my sentence can be by law, but there has been little or no talk about what the minimum sentence can be. Well, it is ZERO. That's right, the judge could have given me as little as no jail time or up to a day, a week, a year, or anywhere in between (up until the max of 20 years). Now let me relay to you why Judge Brian (Buster Brown) Cogan says that he went to the high end of my sentence, why he went so close to the borders of my life if not beyond.

Well, first this Bozo with a crystal ball finds that I am guilty of two murders. I know that I have said this before but I must say it again... The jury of my peers that are the real judges of my case said, "NOT GUILTY" six different times when it came to the six different murders that I was charged with. Not four "not guilty" and two "guilty." SIX "NOT GUILTY!"

If it was not my constitutional right to have a trial by a jury someone should have told me and the over 500 men and women who took off from their normal routines to come all the way to Brooklyn Federal Court to be questioned about being picked to serve on my jury. They should have been told that this is a futile exercise and that if their verdict does not match the judge's opinion it will not count and will be entirely disregarded.

What about the 18 gallant citizens who were chosen to serve on my jury and gave up extensive chunks of their lives to do their civic duty in the face of all kinds of hardships and frightening rumors? So according to Judge (Buster Brown) Cogan, after all they gave up, all of their honorable, hard work, and the unanimous decisions, the jurors don't count because the brilliant judge does not like the results that they've reached. I cannot believe that the founding fathers or my neighbors next-door want a political appointee to have the power to simply ignore the verdict reached by a duly sworn jury of our peers. I think that the judge and any person who believes that completely disregarding a jury's verdict is legal will be stripped of all power as soon as the people realize and understand what they are up to.

Next, the judge says that I taught Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro and the others about crime; that I mentored them. What a joke! Way before I knew any of them (Hemorrhoids, Richie, Anthony Basile and the rest of them) they were selling crack, robbing, and assaulting victims. According to Anthony Basile, FBI Agent Scott (The Seducer) Curtis, and our first four indictments: Hemorrhoids Calabro, Richie, and Anthony Basile already killed Officer Pagan (an armored truck guard that they stuck up) before I even knew them. They kept all of these crimes a secret from me. Next the judge talks about deterrence and the need to discourage kids from a life of crime. That's a good point but I think if Hollywood, the music industry, books, and the newspapers stop glorifying the gangster it would have a much greater affect than watching me or anyone else die in jail.

Now let's move on to the next reason that Judge Buster Brown gives for his wanting (although he denies it) to see me expire in jail. He diagnoses me as a schizophrenic. He supports this diagnosis with his extensive degrees in the medical field (bullshit) and an underlying foundation of prosecutors' rumors and acquitted conduct (charges that the jury found me innocent of). He also says that by exposing my family to Hemorrhoids Calabro and the others I was putting my family in danger and this gets back to him seeing my split personality. Well like I have said, I had no knowledge of Calabro's murdering ways. He had their crack selling, their drug use, their violence, and murders kept from me. When Hemorrhoids gave his wife a black eye he staged a car accident to explain the bruised eye to me. He went to great lengths to keep his crimes hidden from me.

Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro did his killing for himself; for his own personal rage, power, wealth, and ego… not for some headline making enterprise. In his mind he is the ultimate alpha male. He is much like your patron Baby Bush who starts wars for his own personal wealth, power, and ego. As a matter of fact, Hemorrhoids Calabro is more like Baby Bush than he was ever like me. You know, their way at all costs: do anything, tell any lie--as long as they come out on top.

Again, I say I never knew the true character of these rats until it was too late, but Judge you know now. Let us see what neighborhood you hide them in and how long their prison sentence is. Their sentencing should be soon. You are the judge that heard them confess the contents of their black hearts. You are the one that heard them lie and add the government's innocent targets to their own self serving deeds. And now you will be the one pronounce sentence on them. Now the world will see if you have earned the right to be called the Honorable Judge Brian Cogan. Or, will you prove to us all that you (as I say that you are) are an anti-Italian extra-prosecutor who is part of a government conspiracy to seize the rights and eventually the country from we the people in the 'guise of, "for our own good?"

Next week I will continue with Judge (Buster Brown) Cogan. I will cover my trial and I will cover Dino Saracino's 50 year sentence as soon as I get the minutes I will relay what I see to you.

Stronger today than yesterday.
Tommy `

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