Monday, July 14, 2014

Buster Brown Continued

Now that I have discussed the penalties imposed on my liberty in my last post, in this third post I will begin by discussing the bizarre statements and inappropriate punishments that Judge Brian (Buster Brown) Cogan enacted at my sentencing.

First, the $360,000 judgment for forfeiture and restitution are again penalties for crimes that I was either found innocent of, or was never charged with in the first place. Let me quote AUSA James (Tommy Pickles) Gatta as he is speaking for the government at my sentencing, "We are not going to press the point with regard to forfeiture and restitution." With this statement, the government concedes that I should not be liable. They acknowledge my innocence and non participation in the crimes. It is the judge that presses for the illegal financial penalty. So at the judge's insistence they penalize me: $210,000 for a Chemical Bank robbery that I had no knowledge of, received no money from, and was never even charged with. Next, Buster Brown penalizes me $150,000 for a fur store robbery that I was charged with, put on trial for, and completely exonerated of. That's right... after a thirty year investigation the government presented all of its evidence and witnesses to the jury who again answered with a resounding, "NOT GUILTY." Again this corrupt political appointee discards the jury's verdict like a smelly baby diaper and slaps me with these huge monetary punishments.

Buster Brown thinks that he can reject these verdicts because the alleged Colombo family enterprise benefited from the crimes. Well first of all that was not proven to or accepted by the jury, and second the only enterprise that benefited from these crimes is the Calabro family criminal enterprise and its members. Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro and his cohorts admitted guilt for these crimes so again I say only the Calabro enterprise and its members should be held financially accountable.

The final things that I would like to highlight in today's post are two statements out of many that the judge made for the record in hope of altering the facts for the benefit of history, his position, and the government's position.

First, let me diagnose Judge (Buster Brown) Cogan as the real dual-personality schizophrenic. He makes ruling after ruling that stymies me from proving my innocence and the government's misconduct (FBI & Prosecutors). In the first example, I'm precluded from mentioning Frank (Blue Eyes) Sparaco or Greg (The Grim Reaper) Scarpa at my trial. Next, I can't even follow the line of questioning if one of the witnesses should mention them. I'm not told that Blue Eyes is in an FBI safe house being debriefed by my prosecutors while he is reaching me to help me at trial. When I try to contact him I'm told that we must let the prosecutor Lizzy (The Liar) Geddes contact some sham lawyer that they say represents him. So while in court Lizzy the Liar calls the lawyer on speaker phone (so we are to believe the sham is real) all the way in Chile and he then states that Blue Eyes does not want to help. No affidavit, no verification; just the integrity of the court, prosecutors, the FBI and some mystery voice on the phone from a whole continent away. This charade is supposed to quiet my doubts that Blue Eyes Sparaco changed his mind about helping me even after all the letters that he sent saying that he would tell the truth and help. When the mystery voice came on the phone I thought we were filming an episode of Charlie's Angels. The whole thing was too weird for a federal court of law but Buster Brown Cogan was happy to certify this lawyer as real, the proceedings as official, and accept that Blue Eyes reneged on his vow to testify and exonerate me of the Minerva murder and murder conspiracy.

At the same time I can't let the jury know any of this, or that Sparaco was at the scene of the Minerva murder, or that Greg Scarpa, Sparaco and FBI Agent Liddy (The Clown) Del Vecchio were out killing people during the FBI/Colombo War and blaming it on innocent victims. All of this so that Judge Cogan could protect the government from being prejudiced by the truth of these facts. So what these rulings did was effectively chop off my legs and then the judge has the balls to fault me for not running the race. Then the judge states in open court, "I see no evidence of government misconduct." Shame on you; you lying, deceitful, manipulating weasel of a man. Either you are a sick, sick, sick man or one evil son of a bitch.

Next Judge (Buster Brown) Cogan cites (as proof that I sanctioned the Greaves murder) a recorded conversation when McLaughlin gets Calabro to acknowledge his presence. Well Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro and Tommy (Hiccups) McLaughlin were never caught on tape together. So while this legal lunatic Buster Brown Cogan touts this recorded conversation as a trophy of evidence, as the decisive nail in my coffin of guilt, it is wrong!… It is not Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro but his lying little brother Anthony Calabro who is caught on tape saying he was at the Greaves murder. Anthony is so whacked out on drugs he will say anything to make himself look tough. He has even admitted to killing Sonny Coreleone at the toll booths in the Godfather Part 1. Even the prosecutors refuse to believe a word that he utters in person or when he is secertly recorded. He is Brooklyn's biggest bullshitter. This "evidence" is the shining star that the judge displays as his proof of preponderance. I don't even know if it was entered as evidence at trial. Is the judge allowed to use other alleged evidence that was not entered at trial to prove preponderances??? Rats' allocutions, other investigations, 3500 material, proffer sessions... I just don't know what is legal or not. Most Americans don't know and the judges and prosecutors like it like that.

My Judge Brian (Buster Brown) Cogan refuses to ensure the integrity of the law and the dignity of the office that he was appointed to life for. We the people must ensure this old boys network of political appointees answers to, "We The People" when we are in doubt of their actions. Oversight by other political appointees is just not enough.

Stronger today than yesterday.


The next post will cover the illegal ruling at trial and I will try to review the minutes of Dino Saracino's outrageous sentence.

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