Friday, July 25, 2014

Illegal "Evidence"

In this post I will highlight the rulings made in my Kangaroo Court by the Chief Kangaroo Judge Brian (Buster Brown) Cogan. I would run short of ink, paper, and time before I listed all of the offenses made against justice so I will only expose those that easily come to mind.

The first time I saw the Kangaroo hop into my courtroom was when my house was robbed by a female government informant, Kris Jenner's role model: Andrea (Hedda Nussbaum) Calabro. You see Hedda Calabro played on my family's compassion, kindness, and trust to trick us into allowing her access to our family's personal pictures and records. The Death Penalty Review Committee was having a hearing as to whether or not her husband was to be death penalty eligible. She said that pictures of her husband Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro with herself, and her children would be very helpful in inducing a strong sense of sympathy and persuading the D.P.R.C not to execute her husband.

The only problem was that Hedda Calabro had little to no photographs of her husband with her and her children (3 to be exact). My family had many more; so naturally my family produced all of our photos for Hedda to view and take any that were of her, her children, her husband, or her family. Hedda, being a trusted friend in need, was allowed to sort through our pictures undisturbed. What a mistake that was. This mistress of an FBI agent, daughter of a child-molesting pimp, and wife of a homicidal maniac got her chance to save her husband's life and gain his freedom--but not by some wimpy, untested emotion like sympathy because they had a plan: her paramour FBI Agent Scott (The Seducer) Curtis, her husband Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro, and their pawn Andrea (Hedda Nussbaum) Calabro. She is always ready to please her men, or else.

The plan was so simple and much more reliable than sympathy. They would give me (Tommy Gioeli) to the prosecutors in exchange for letting Calabro live out the rest of his life as a free man. Scott Curtis and Dino Calabro ordered Andrea to bring them the head of Tommy Gioeli and boy did she try. Upon hearing those orders she took pictures from my house--some of her family, but she mostly took ones of me and my childhood friends, most that no Calabro was even in, and few that would help her husband and only damage me by their window-dressing and headline-making value. Then she added to this collection of stolen pictures by stealing my family's old phone books and calendars.

Eventually she handed them over to her lover, FBI Agent Scott Curtis, who presented this stolen property to an unwitting magistrate judge as grounds to secure a search warrant. There is never a documented chain of evidence produced to ensure that the property was not tampered with. So it is easy to see why when we were finally given copies of the pictures my family and myself discovered that some of the pictures were not even ours and must have come from another source. So this flawed evidence that was contaminated multiple times was enough for the magistrate judge to issue a search warrant more than two years after my arrest.

Next, a crew of machine-gun carrying FBI agents aggressively roused my wife and two daughters from their beds. They proceeded to harass, threaten, and hold them captive (still in their night clothes) in our home for multiple hours while they ransacked it for pictures of sleepovers, birthday parties, family vacations, and even pictures of the Roman Catholic sacraments like baptism and marriage which the government seems fanatically interested in.

So all this brings us back to court for a hearing on the legality of the stolen evidence in front of that bias Italian-slaying bastion of prejudice Judge Brian (Buster Brown) Cogan. The first blow came when we learned that Judge Cogan would not allow us to call Andrea (Hedda) Calabro as a witness. The lead agent in charge, the same FBI agent that made me the government's main target, the same FBI agent that testified for all of the witnesses at the grand jury to secure an indictment, the same FBI agent that was Hedda Calabro's lover, the same FBI agent that was now Hemorrhoid Calabro's new best friend: FBI Agent Scott (The Seducer) Curtis would now give Andrea's and all of the government's testimony at the evidentiary hearing.

This ruling by Judge Cogan to exclude Hedda from testifying is unjust in many ways but I'll just discuss three for now. FBI Agent Curtis was not at the scene of the crime (the robbery) so all he could do was to relate what he thought or could remember that Hedda Calabro told him at his office, a meeting place, over the phone, or between the sheets. Next, as an FBI agent he is trained as well as experienced at giving testimony. He is also skilled at being deceptive during his testimony. He is far from the layman that Hedda would have been. Finally, by not testifying Hedda completely avoids the threat of perjury while testifying about her theft of evidence from my home.

So at the hearing the "Special" Agent Curtis blurts out some bogus story that it was not a burglary of my property; no, she just took pictures, phone books, and calendars that would help the prosecutors and the FBI by mistake. It was just an accident that she illegally took the perfect items that would guarantee the production of a search warrant for my home. Boy, talk about dumb luck. I can't believe that the prosecutors, FBI, and Hedda Calabro are that lucky. Well I don't. I believe that Andrea went into my home with a shopping list from Agent Curtis telling her exactly what to steal. This was a well planned robbery with a cover story and all. This was a crime! It was committed by the FBI, my prosecutors, their informant, and others known and unknown against me and my family. No excuses, ifs, ands, or buts about it.

So after a day of deceitful testimony by FBI Agent Scott (The Seducer) Curtis, Judge Cogan makes his outrageous ruling that all of the evidence was obtained legally and can be used at trial. Wow! What could we say or do? At that point I knew my life was in the hands of a corrupt judge. He justified this by saying that the FBI is allowed to lie (they needed the pictures for the DPRC) in order to obtain its goal, but he never did or could justify the theft of my family property by the government and its agents. It takes a great man to wear the black robe of honor and Judge you fall far short of this goal.

In all of the so called "evidence" stolen from my home or seized illegally through a flawed warrant there was no proof of any criminal activity what so ever. It was used to grace the covers of newspapers and bias potential jurors with my childhood associations. This home invasion upon my wife and children was orchestrated by a desperate prosecutor Elizabeth (Lizzy the Liar) Geddes and an even more desperate crew of FBI agents led by the mentally unstable Scott (The Seducer) Curtis. It was really meant to terrorize my family and to intimidate me into admitting guilt for crimes that I did not do. They all knew that there was no evidence of crimes at my home, ever!... Let alone two years after my arrest. What my government did (in particular the FBI and the prosecutors) is not far off from what the Nazis started to do before WWII began. I am afraid. We should all be.

I apologize for the length of these posts and the slow progress that I am making in telling my story but when I recall the events I realize that it can't be helped. Next post I will cover my time in the Solitary Housing Unit and how I got there. Again, I will try to get the minutes of Dino Saracino's sentencing to review and comment on. Finally, I will get to the trial and the outrageous rulings and comments made by Buster Brown. You ain't heard nothing yet.

Stronger today than yesterday.


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