Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Government Guerrillas

Today's post is again about a story that I heard at Catholic service, but this time I heard it inside the big chapel as part of the sermon delivered by a local priest at our sacred monthly mass.

The priest had just finished his reading of the Gospel when he relayed to us a story that he had heard in his younger days when he led a group of homecoming service men at Bethesda Naval Hospital. The men were all suffering from PTSD and his group encouraged them to talk about anything and most of the time they did. They talked about any and all things that were of interest to them except they all seemed reluctant to recount the horrific events that they were all struggling with.

Then one day they just started talking about killing. The stories were dreadful. Then an African American (this soldier was born in Africa) described an incident in his life that he still cannot fully move beyond. When he was a child growing up in Africa, a group of local rebels attacked his village. They massacred all of the men and women and kidnapped all of the boys and girls. We can only imagine the fate of the poor girls; but the boys were told that if they did not join their captors they would be killed. They accepted life over death but the heartless guerrillas outsmarted the children who thought that they could just say that they joined and wait for a chance to run off. The captors separated the boys into pairs of two. They gave one boy in each pair a gun and told them in order to prove their new loyalty they must kill the other member of the pair. They all did. Each boy with the gun shot the unarmed boy. The soldier who was telling the story did too. At just eleven years old he killed the other pair member: his fellow countryman, his fellow villager, his childhood friend. He has never gotten the memory from his mind.

If there were any men in the chapel that were not appalled by this story I would be surprised. Personally I was shocked, horrified and saddened by the retelling of this soldier's account of how he took a life as a little boy--that men could use one's own life to force one into doing something that is unnatural: like betraying a friend or in fact killing him. I also came to the realization that the majority of people would do the same thing if they were placed in a similar situation. It is man's uncontrollable instinct to survive at any cost. Cheat, lie or murder a friend. So when I replayed this horror story in my head it came as no surprise to me that the Justice Department of the United States of America employs tactics that parallel the tactics of those African terrorists. The reason why I know this is because they did the same thing to me and my co-defendant.

You see at around four or five in the morning of June 4, 2008, heavily armed FBI agents abducted myself, Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro and Joseph (Caves) Competiello from our homes. They also seized other men on that pre-dawn morning, but few were known to us three and we definitely had no criminal relation to them. The government charges me, Hemorrhoids Calabro and Caves Competiello with an impressive array of damning charges; but to me that's all that they were, just charges. I was not guilty of anything on the indictment so while I was concerned, I was not frightened. They granted no bail for us three.

In the first indictment Hemorrhoids Calabro and Caves Competiello were both facing the death penalty. At the time, I was not. This was the first step in FBI Agent Scott (the Seducer) Curtis' and AUSA Attorney Elizabeth (Lizzy the Liar) Geddes' plan to have all crimes charged lead back to me. Calabro and Competiello, the two spineless, selfish, mentally unstable cowards, were terrified into joining the government's conspiracy of treachery. The government told them that they would die a pain-riddled death by lethal injection unless they put their crimes on me. It would be easy. Before a pro-government judge they would admit to the murders that they were guilty of and then just add this one crucial lie: that I (Tommy Gioeli) ordered it. That's it! In exchange for their perjury they would receive the two most important things to a man: their freedom and their lives. Talk about coercion and duress. You can't have any more pressure than when your life hangs in the balance.

So I challenge Loretta Lynch, or anyone from the US Attorney's Office, to tell me the difference between their life-threatening tactics used on Calabro and Competiello to get me and the tactics that the terrorists used on the young African boy. I know that if they handed a gun to either of their co-conspirators (Calabro and Competiello) I would be a dead man right now. So tell me, what is the difference? Because the US Attorney's Office does it in a more "lawful" manner?

Due to my innocence, there is absolutely no evidence to collaborate the testimony of the government's perjurers (Calabro and Competiello). It is an affront to justice for the United States to label such corrupt testimony as "evidence." Team America, that is made up continually of re-offeding killers, baby rapers and psychopaths must be disbanded. Testimony must not be bartered for, especially when the payment is the life of the witness. This practice has become far more dangerous to justice than the targeted individuals themselves. There are many innocent men in prison (some serving life sentences) convicted solely on the lies of purchased testimony. This un-collaborated testimony is not allowed in New York state and most other states. The states know that the rewarded co-defendants' sole testimony that the federal government allows in its courts is unfair and unjust. This is why we must, as Americans, speak out against such corrupt practices. We must demand that the federal government stand up for equal, unmolested justice for all.

Joe (Caves) Competiello received a 12 year prison sentence for multiple, brutal, senseless murders and will soon be released upon an unsuspecting neighborhood.

Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro has not yet been sentenced and is believed to be out on unsecured bail and living in a multimillion dollar home in Naples, Florida at taxpayers' expense.

Stronger today than yesterday.


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