Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Counselor

Today's post is about the continued bias: religious, ethnic and racial that my counselor (the Wicked Witch of the West) embraces in her professional duties. Whatever her beliefs are in her private life they are her affair, but when she uses her position as a federal government employee and employs her bias in dealing with her charges then she must be corrected. Everyone here at Butner Low, including the administration, is aware of her anti-white, anti-Italian and anti-religious behavior. So let me recount what happened a few days ago to a Jewish white man who asked to be moved from his present bed assignment in the unit.

Well, let me first tell you that after coming back to our unit from SHU for a violation of religious law (not eating Kosher food) he was placed in a three man cube and couldn't get along with one of the other occupants. So, he was placed by the counselor on "the beach." The beach is the front of the lobby of the unit and has two sets of bunk beds on each side. There are no walls in the front, or on the sides and its residents have absolutely no privacy. They change, sleep, fart and scratch their ass in front of everyone. The overhead glaring lights are left on all day and night. Because of the lights, noise and lack of privacy the men who live on the beach are semi-psychotic. It must be illegal to have inmates live on the beach but this is the feds and we all know that the feds can do what they want. So anyway the beach is sandwiched between the two community bathrooms that every inmate (180 when full) must use. This fact makes matters worse because even at three in the morning there is plenty of activity at the beach so the poor men that live there get little to no sleep which adds to their insanity. Although these eight spots are usually reserved as a punishment by the counselor for infractions that are too minor for a formal shot, this poor Jew wound up there through no fault of his own. This was just a matter of the counselor's bigotry.

The story is that when the counselor heard that two of the three bunkies could not get along, she then (without getting any of the facts) moves the Jew to the beach. Then after a couple of days of living in the grand central station of Butner Low he mustered up the courage to confront the counselor about making a bed change so he could get off the beach. He asks if he can be moved. Then almost as an after though he adds that it was very disrespectful for him to pray while facing the toilets. Her screaming response to him was that (and I quote), "There is a bathroom, and there is a bathroom, and there is a wall so pray to the wall. You people pray to walls anyway so what does it matter?!" Unbelievable! She went on to state that she would not then, nor would she ever, move him. A few days later after some calls to a Rabbi, and with the help of the assistant warden, she was forced to move him into a different three man cube.

This lunatic of a woman is so mentally unstable that she should be evaluated by a mental health professional immediately. Every time she comes to work she screams and hollers, rants and raves, and spits and stutters. Her disrespect for the inmates in her care is unacceptable. The incompetence with which she performs her job is legendary here on the compound and she has become the laughing stock of her peers.

This situation must be corrected before she causes a real tragedy. She has entered into the realm of dangerous. It is beyond the point that one could or should ignore. I would hope that she reads this post and gets the mental help that she so desperately needs before she is allowed to continue such a sensitive position for the BOP.

Stronger today than yesterday.


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